LESCO Bill Calculator 2021

In this time when inflation is at its peak, everyone wants to check and balance of his expenditures. Similarly, as electricity unit rates are increasing day by day, you have to aware of your electricity bill. But as well as you are worried for Lesco bill estimate because Lesco bill has some technical terms which everyone should know. That’s why we have provided you with a complete guide about Lesco bill calculation. Also, we have given you LESCO bill calculator which is also known as LESCO bill estimator to estimate your monthly LESCO bill.

How to Calculate Lesco Bill?

You can find your estimated bill by Lesco online bill calculator. There are eight steps for Lesco bill calculation method. You don’t need to put any LESCO bill calculation formula. Just enter your estimated consumed units, and you can know your estimated bill.

Step 1: LESCO Connection Type

The 1st step is you should know about your LESCO connection type that whether it is domestic, commercial, industrial or any other type. To know the connection type check the TARIFF on your Lesco bill. See the image below:

LESCO Bill Calculator
LESCO Bill Calculator



Below is the list of LESCO TARIFF. You can select according to your connection type.

A3(66)General Services

Step 2: Phase Type

Select your LESCO Phase type, which is one of them:

  • Single Phase
  • Three Phase

Step 3: Units Consumed

Moreover, you have to enter the units in a lesco electricity bill calculator, which you have consumed in a month. You will get the LESCO bill after entering the units. These units are in the following formats:

  • Kilowatt Hour (KWH)
  • Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hours (KVARH)
  • Maximum Demand Indicator (MDA)


You have to enter two fields which are:

  • On-peak
  • Off-Peak


On peak is the hours for which electricity unit rates are highest, and you have to pay in KWH. For summer these hours are from 10 AM to 8 PM during weekdays. In winters these hours are from 7 AM to 11 AM and 5 AM to 9 PM.


Off-peak hours are those hours in which you have to pay the lowest cost for electricity units. During this period price of a unit, rates are lower than the basic service price. In summer, this time is from 11 Pm to 7 AM.

You have to enter accurately on-peak and off-peak hours to know the exact amount of LESCO WAPDA bill.

Step 4: Meter Rent

Enter your meter rent if it is implemented on your tariff.

Step 5: Service Rent

Similarly, you have to enter your service rent if it is included in your plan. Provide you how much you have to pay service rent.

Step 6: Arrears

It is the amount that is applied by the owner of the Tariff plan, and you have to pay it earlier. Enter the arrears.

Step 7: No of TV Sets

Enter the number of TV sets which you are using on your LESCO connection.

Moreover, here you have to check or un-check the options:

  • STRN Available
  • Sales Tax for Retailers Exempt
  • ED Exempt
  • GST Exempt
  • IT Exempt
  • ETax Exempt
  • Additional Sales Tax to Marble and Granite Industry

Step 8: Last Step

Now you are ready to calculate your LESCO bill. After entering all details press the button “submit” and here you will get estimated Lesco bill. Calculate your bill now:



It is a good practice to estimate your LESCO bill before receiving the bill. That’s why we have provided you with a detailed guide and Lesco electricity bill calculator. However, if you want to check the LESCO bill online and also want to know about payment methods, then visit the link.



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