LESCO Jobs 2021

Lesco Jobs 2021

In this era of unemployment, everyone wants a luxurious and reliable job. A job that can fulfil all his expenditures as well as he can get chances for growth, then he should apply for LESCO jobs in 2021. Under WAPDA, LESCO advertises many jobs that can be helpful to boost up anyone’s career. LESCO provides both full-time and part-time employment. To apply for WAPDA jobs, you can visit many online websites.

 Jobs in LESCO 

Different websites advertise about LESCO jobs as well as LESCO itself announces different jobs according to need in relevant departments. Here is the procedure to apply for LESCO jobs. Moreover, advertising platforms where LESCO advertises jobs.

LESCO Official Website

To know about any LESCO job, you should visit the LESCO official website, where jobs are posted for different positions and departments. You can also turn on the website’s notification; therefore, you will notify of any job when it would be published.

Moreover, to apply before any post, read about the qualification, eligibility criteria, requirements, age limit, and terms and conditions for any specific post. Sometimes LESCO conducts a screening test, which you can also read about in the LESCO ad. LESCO ad sample is given below:

LESCO jobs 2021
LESCO jobs 2021


NTS Website

Through National Testing Service, LESCO advertises different jobs as well as NTS conduct LESCO test on behalf of LESCO. Therefore, on the NTS website, you can find all LESCO jobs and apply online.

Other Websites

Moreover, many websites post about different jobs like jobz. pk, ilm ki dunya and todays jobs alerts etc. You can find complete information about LESCO jobs, such as specific positions, eligibility criteria, and qualification.

Newspapers and E-Newspaper

Lesco also gives ads in different newspapers and e-newspapers about jobs. To find your desire LESCO bill distributor jobs, you have to read newspapers continuously.

 Procedure to Apply for LESCO Jobs 2021 

Here is the detailed procedure which will help you to apply quickly for LESCO jobs.

  • To apply for any desired LESCO job, visit LESCO official website.


  • You can also visit the NTS website to apply.
  • Fill in all the fields and provide requirements in the online application form.
  • You have to pay the test fee in a bank, which is mentioned by LESCO.
  • After paying fees, you will download the fee challan form from the NTS website.
  • The candidate will send an application form to the address given in the advertisement along with attested copies of documents like CNIC, educational documents, domicile, two passport size photos, and other documents.
  • After applying, a test will be conducted, and to remain updated about the test date, you need to visit the NTS website frequently.

 LESCO Jobs Application Forms

You can download LESCO Jobs application forms from here:

 Salary and Benefits 

LESCO is a well-reputed organization where getting a job can be anyone’s dream. LESCO provides many facilities to their employees and gives them chances to grow and polish their skills. Moreover, the working environment will teach you some extra skills and management. LESCO can provide the following facilities to his employees:

  • House allowance
  • House rent
  • Travelling allowance
  • Free pick and drop
  • Free lunches
  • Free Medical

 Frequently Asked Questions 

1-How can I Apply for LESCO Jobs?

To apply, you have to visit the LESCO official site. After selecting the position, you need to pay the test fee in the bank and download the fee challan form. Now you have to send the application form with the required attested documents to the advertisement’s address.

2-What is NTS?

NTS stands for National Testing Service. It tells about all upcoming jobs and also conducts academic jobs test on behalf of relevant departments. LESCO also uses NTS service to advertise its jobs and again to run tests.

3-What is the criteria of the LESCO Job test?

The criteria of the LESCO job test is given below, and the department selects the candidates accordingly:

  • Academic qualification 40%
  • Written test 40%
  • Interview 40%


LESCO Complaint

lesco Complaint

If you are facing complaints with

Or any other issue, you should visit the LESCO customer service center in your region or should call to relevant LESCO department.

In case if your issue is not resolved, then you can create a file complaint with NEPRA at the address given below:

NEPRA Regional Office Lahore,

212, National Tower, Opposite LDA Plaza,

Edgerton Road Lahore

By contacting NEPRA, your issue can be resolved promptly.

Emergency Complaint Number

If the issue is critical, which is necessary to resolve as soon as possible, or you want to complain against load shedding, Meter problem, new connection, or LESCO duplicate bill; you can type your issue with Bill Reference number, consumer number and send a message on 8118. You can on this number for a quick response.

In other words, now you should not need to worry about any issue regarding LESCO because LESCO has given many options to contact them. LESCO gives a guarantee to resolve all your problems and queries as soon as possible due to best LESCO customer services.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

1.How do I complain to LESCO?

To complain against any problem related to LESCO new connection, LESCO online billing, Load shedding or any other issue you can send message to 8118 with your issue, Bill reference number and consumer number.  You can also visit LESCO service center located in your region.

2.What is complaint letter?

A complaint letter is a letter where anyone tells his issue related to any field to find out the best solution against his query. In this letter he can also mention any specific step or amendment which he wants to apply.

3.How do I introduce myself in a complaint letter?

  • Introduce yourself
  • Briefly describe your issue
  • Any action which you want to apply


LESCO Customer Service

customer Services lesco

As everyone knows, LESCO is a famous and dedicated electricity distribution company which provides electricity to Lahore and its nearby regions. It tries to facilitate its customers with every aspect as well as welcome to all problems to provide solutions. In case of any query, whether it’s related to LESCO customer bill or LESCO new connection, LESCO bill estimation, or LESCO bill payment methods, LESCO is responsible for giving answers to every query. Due to providing a prompt solution, LESCO customer service has extraordinary facilities.

Moreover, for any support and help, LESCO has provided every department number and address.  Most people contact to know about LESCO customer bill service. You can contact the relevant department according to your issue or help.

Power Failure Complaints

In case of load shedding or the absence of electricity, you can call on below numbers:





LESCO Complaint Number

In case of any complaint you can contact via:


 LESCO Various Department Number and Address 

Below is the list of LESCO various department numbers:

Chief Executive

22/A Queens Road Lahore

99204820-30, Ext: 100


Central Headquarters

LESCO Head Quarter, 22-A Queens Road Lahore

Contact No: 042-99205248

General Manager Technical

General Manager Technical: 99204807

CE/SR. Manager of Planning & Dev: 99204818

Sr. Manager Material Management: 99204842

Manager Product Construction: 99262173

Customer Services Directorate

Director Customer services: 99204814

Manager Commercial: 99204850

Manager (S&I): 99204798

General Manager Operation

General Manager Operation: 99204813

Senior Manager O & M (Dist) : 99204795

Senior Manager O &M (T&G): 99204809

HR & Admin Directorate

Director HR: 99204811

Manager HR: 99204794

Director-General Admin: 99204696

Finance Directorate

Director Finance: 99204816

Manager Corporate Accounting: 99204837

Manager of Corporate Planning and Control: 99204845

Legal Directorate

Director Legal: 36280323

Manager Legal: 36280325

 Customer Services Center 

LESCO provides electricity in different regions; therefore, LESCO has made customer service centers in that region. Because if anyone wants to visit that office in case of any serious issue, he can visit easily. Below is the list of addresses of the customer service center in different regions:

Central Headquarters

LESCO Head Quarter, 22-A Queens Road Lahore

Contact No: 042-99205248

Central Circle

Customer service center Near Said Pur Grid, Multan Road Lahore

Contact No: 042-99260166

Ichra Lahore

Customer Service Center Ichra, Shah Jamal Signal Ferozpur Road

Contact No: 042-3429118

Southern Circle

Regional Customer Service Center Southern Circle, Ghazi Road Defence Lahore

Contact No: 042-99264305

Northern Circle

Regional Customer Service Center Northern Circle Ravi Road Lahore

Contact No: 042-99205076

Eastern Circle

Regional Customer Service Center Eastern Circle, WAPDA Road Shalamar Town Lahore

Contact No: 042-99250044


Regional Customer Service Center Sheikhupura, LESCO Complex near Regal Chowk, Sargodha Road Sheikhpura

Contact No: 056-9200204-05


Regional Customer Service Center Okara, Benazir Road, 132KV Grid Okara

Contact No: 044-2527440-1

Township Lahore

Township Grid Chandni Chowk Lahore

Contact No: 042-99262201


Regional Customer Service Center, WAPDA Colony, Kham Karan Road, Kasur

Contact No: 049-9239166

Mobile Service Center

Now LESCO has provided a mobile service center. A mobile van visits different cities to know about queries related to LESCO and to solve the complaints. You know their schedule by clicking here.

 Safety Guides 

It is also the responsibility of LESCO to tell about safety guides to their customers. Safety guides are given below, which everyone should adopt:

  • Use proper plugs and switches
  • With air conditioners use suitable capacitors MCBs ( Miniature Circuit Breakers)
  • Do not touch electricity cables and appliances barefooted
  • Do not use bare wires for any appliance
  • Use proper size fuses
  • Make sure to install a circuit breaker


LESCO Bill Calculator

Lesco Bill Calculator

In this time when inflation is at its peak, everyone wants to check and balance of his expenditures. Similarly, as electricity unit rates are increasing day by day, you have to aware of your electricity bill. But as well as you are worried for Lesco bill estimate because Lesco bill has some technical terms which everyone should know. That’s why we have provided you with a complete guide about Lesco bill calculation. Also, we have given you LESCO bill calculator which is also known as LESCO bill estimator to estimate your monthly LESCO bill.

How to Calculate Lesco Bill?

You can find your estimated bill by Lesco online bill calculator. There are eight steps for Lesco bill calculation method. You don’t need to put any LESCO bill calculation formula. Just enter your estimated consumed units, and you can know your estimated bill.

Step 1: LESCO Connection Type

The 1st step is you should know about your LESCO connection type that whether it is domestic, commercial, industrial or any other type. To know the connection type check the TARIFF on your Lesco bill. See the image below:

LESCO Bill Calculator
LESCO Bill Calculator



Below is the list of LESCO TARIFF. You can select according to your connection type.

A3(66)General Services

Step 2: Phase Type

Select your LESCO Phase type, which is one of them:

  • Single Phase
  • Three Phase

Step 3: Units Consumed

Moreover, you have to enter the units in a lesco electricity bill calculator, which you have consumed in a month. You will get the LESCO bill after entering the units. These units are in the following formats:

  • Kilowatt Hour (KWH)
  • Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hours (KVARH)
  • Maximum Demand Indicator (MDA)


You have to enter two fields which are:

  • On-peak
  • Off-Peak


On peak is the hours for which electricity unit rates are highest, and you have to pay in KWH. For summer these hours are from 10 AM to 8 PM during weekdays. In winters these hours are from 7 AM to 11 AM and 5 AM to 9 PM.


Off-peak hours are those hours in which you have to pay the lowest cost for electricity units. During this period price of a unit, rates are lower than the basic service price. In summer, this time is from 11 Pm to 7 AM.

You have to enter accurately on-peak and off-peak hours to know the exact amount of LESCO WAPDA bill.

Step 4: Meter Rent

Enter your meter rent if it is implemented on your tariff.

Step 5: Service Rent

Similarly, you have to enter your service rent if it is included in your plan. Provide you how much you have to pay service rent.

Step 6: Arrears

It is the amount that is applied by the owner of the Tariff plan, and you have to pay it earlier. Enter the arrears.

Step 7: No of TV Sets

Enter the number of TV sets which you are using on your LESCO connection.

Moreover, here you have to check or un-check the options:

  • STRN Available
  • Sales Tax for Retailers Exempt
  • ED Exempt
  • GST Exempt
  • IT Exempt
  • ETax Exempt
  • Additional Sales Tax to Marble and Granite Industry

Step 8: Last Step

Now you are ready to calculate your LESCO bill. After entering all details press the button “submit” and here you will get estimated Lesco bill. Calculate your bill now:



It is a good practice to estimate your LESCO bill before receiving the bill. That’s why we have provided you with a detailed guide and Lesco electricity bill calculator. However, if you want to check the LESCO bill online and also want to know about payment methods, then visit the link.



LESCO New Connection

LESCO New Connection

Anyone cannot deny the importance of its own electricity meter connection. On your electricity meter, you can consume electricity as you want. But to apply for Lesco new connection is a bit tricky, and not everyone knows the procedure. Therefore to facilitate our users, we have provided a detailed guide that will help you to apply for a new connection.

Moreover, Electricity is provided to different cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, and Quetta by other government-owned distribution company (DISCO). Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) handles the DISCO. These distribution companies purchase electricity from PEPCO and WAPDA; therefore, they can provide electricity to their respective areas.

Furthermore, these electricity companies have made compulsory for all their users to apply for a new connection. Moreover, for this purpose, distribution companies have an online application system. Therefore we will tell you about the procedure to apply for LESCO new connection.

 Apply for LESCO New Connection 

You don’t need to visit the LESCO office to apply for a new connection because it has introduced an online system to apply for a new connection.

Let’s discuss the procedure:

Step 1: Find out your respective DISCO and click on “New Connection.” Then you will reach the web page of Electricity New Connection (ENC) System.

Step 2: You have to submit the scanned copies of the following documents while filling the online application form for Lesco new connection.

  • First of all, choose the connection type: Domestic, Commercial, Agriculture, Tubewell, Industrial, Residential colonies, Corporate company, Street light, and temporary.
  • Enter NTN ( National Tax Number) number. It will be your id card number after dash. Suppose if your id card number is 36203-1234567-9, then 12345678 is your NTN number.
  • Enter STRN number ( Sales Tax Registration number)
  • Select your electricity distribution company. e.g., LESCO, MEPCO
    Procedure to Apply for New Connection
    Procedure to Apply for New Connection
  • Select your sub-division
  • Now you have to enter the applicants’ information.
  • Select Owner or Rental
  • Applicant’s Name
  • CNIC Number
  • Present address ( Your address would be that one where you want to apply for a new meter or connection)
  • Mobile Number ( Enter 2 numbers)
  • Contact Person Name
  • Mobile number
  • Present address
  • Relationship with the Applicant
  • Email ( which is optional)
  • Numbers of meters already installed.
  • Minimum Load ( In KWh)
  • Premises address ( where you want to install electricity meter)
  • Enter neighbor’s reference number
  • Neighbor name & address
  • Choose a meter installation company.

Step 3: Now, you have to upload the scanned copies of the following documents. All files size should be 300 KB, and it should be in JPG or PDF format.

  • Proper Document Copy: You have to prove your house Registery, Baynama, Farrad, or Allotment letter. Oath Commissioner or Gazetted Officer attest all documents.
  • Undertaking by Applicant: Here, the Applicant has to admit that no electrical connection is not installed already, and he has not to pay overdue debt exists. In case of any pending dues applicant has to pay it.
  • If a Lesco new electricity connection has more than one owner, then a power of attorney must favor that who is applying.
  • Attested CNIC copy of Applicant
  • Attested CNIC copy of the witness
  • Neighbour electricity bill copy

Step 4: After filling the required fields and uploading the required documents, you are ready to submit the online application form.

Step 5: You need to print out this application form.

Step 6: Attach all the documents with this application form

Step 7: Now, you have to send this application form to the related office

Step 8: After verification of all documents and application form, LESCO will issue a demand notice

Step 9:  You have to pay this LESCO demand notice to the mentioned bank.

Step 10: The copy of the demand notice is to submit the concerned office

Step 11: After verification, the demand notice payment your Lesco new connection will be installed after some time.

After two months of installing the new connection, you will receive your lesco new connection bill.

Important Note

  • In case of submitting any fake documents, the application will cancel, and the department will take legal action.
  • An incomplete application form will not be accepted.
  • DISCO has the right to cancel the application if the application is illegible.

 Frequently Asked Questions 


How to apply for LESCO new connection?

First of all, you have to fill the online application form with scanned copies of the required documents. Then, print out this application form, attach the attached copies of documents, and submit it to the concerned office. After verifying documents, LESCO will give you demand notice, which you have to pay in the required bank. After this procedure, your LESCO new connection will be installed.

What is the LESCO new connection fee?

To know the exact amount of new connection, you have to visit the nearby LESCO office. But the estimated value of the new connection is approximately Rs.7000/- But it is better to visit the office once.

What is LESCO demand notice?

LESCO demand notice is a challan form issued by the LESCO.  Amount of new connection is given on it. You have to pay this amount in the mentioned bank for further process.

When will I receive LESCO new bill?

LESCO new meter bill will take some time after installation of the connection. But the estimated time is approximately two months. After two months you will get your Lesco new bill. You can pay LESCO bill in any authorized bank.

How to get LESCO Demand notice?

To get the LESCO demand notice to visit the link. Enter your tracking id or CNIC number and get the printout.

LESCO Bill Online Payment

LESCO Bill Online Paymen

For many people to go to the bank to pay a bill can be irritating because no one wants to waste his precious time in banks. Many electric companies have introduced ways to pay bills online for the ease of people, including LESCO. Yes, now it’s possible to pay the LESCO bill online. We will tell you about the authentic and reliable LESCO bill online payment methods.

It isn’t interesting that now you don’t need to go to the bank and your LESCO bill is just a click away to pay online as well as you can download the LESCO bill.

 LESCO Bill Online Payment Methods 

There are several ways to pay the LESCO bill online. LESCO has reliable and trusted services; that’s why it has also introduced online payment methods to save its users time.

So let’s get started,

But before paying the bill online, you must know about the banks which are associated with LESCO. Only in those banks, you can pay the wapda Lesco bill. Here are the banks where you can make Lesco bill online payment.

  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Muslim Commercial Bank
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Askari Bank Limited
  • Faisal Bank
  • Bank Al-Falah

Now let’s discuss the procedure to pay the Lesco utility bill.

 1-Habib Bank Limited 

HBL has a partnership with LESCO as well as it is the most widely used bank for most purposes. Many organizations use HBL mobile app, mobile banking, and other payment services.

To pay the LESCO bill, you have to follow few steps:

  • Download the HBL mobile app
  • Open the web page of online banking
  • Choose the option of mobile banking or internet banking
  • Then choose an option Lesco bill online payment through credit card or mobile account
  • Now some details will require to fill the relevant fields
  • Click on the “go” button

You have paid your bill, and now you can also free download the Lesco bill.

 2-Muslim Commercial Bank 

Muslim commercial bank is also a well-known bank, and you can make LESCO bill payments here. MCB mobile app has various options to pay bills online. MCB online banking is used to transfer cash, payments, and other financial statements.

Moreover, online bill payment especially to pay LESCO bill is a huge advantage of MCB online banking. After entering the necessary information, you will pay the bill online without any assistance. Furthermore, after paying the bill, you will receive Lesco bill payment confirmation via SMS on your mobile.

 3-Allied Bank Limited 

Allied bank also contributes to pay Lesco bill online. Fast and reliable Allied bank services are capable for its users to use the service without any disturbance. As a result, LESCO has allowed Allied bank to pay the utility bills. For this, you have to follow some steps:

  • To register with myABL-internet banking
  • Fill the billing details
  • Then pay your bills

Moreover, after paying the bill, you can get a Lesco bill printed out for your record or use in the future.

 4-Askari Bank Limited 

Through Askari Bank, you can also pay your bills without any hassle. To pay the utility bill, you have to download the ABL app from the play store. After downloading the app, go to the homepage and make your account with the original name.

Here you go to pay the bills online. You can easily use Allied bank mobile banking because it has understandable features. You can also get Lesco bill print after paying the bill.

 5-Faisal Bank 

Faisal bank is another well-reputed bank as well as a partner of LESCO. Faisal bank also allows you to pay your utility bills safely. Moreover, Faisal bank also gives some benefits to payment transfers.

There are important key steps to pay utility bills via the app:

  • Download the Faisal Bank app from play store
  • Make your digital account
  • Sign in to the Digibank Mobile app
  • Select the option “payments.”
  • Select the option for bill payment
  • Then choose the bill payment company
  • Enter your reference number and fill all the required fields
  • After entering the record, click on “pay now.”

With this handy method, now it’s easy to pay your bills from anywhere when you want.

 6-Bank Al-Falah 

Bank Al-Falah also has a user-friendly method to pay bills. You need to have an account in Bank Alflah and a BAFL Debit card to pay the Lesco bill. You can also check the Lesco bill online through the mobile app.

Furthermore, all the Lesco bill payment options discussed above are reliable, and you can use it without any difficulty. Moreover, all the banks are high security and best user experience; therefore, you can use these banks without any fear.

 Other Methods to pay LESCO Bill Online 

If you don’t have a bank account in above-mentioned banks, don’t worry about paying the LESCO bill. We have other common methods which also helps you to pay your utility bills. These methods are discussed below:

 Jazz Cash App 

Jazz Cash has made it easy to pay the utility bills. Furthermore, it is the easiest way to pay the bills. You have to follow some steps:

  • Download the jazz cash app from the play store
  • Make your account by entering your number which is in your use
  • After making an account, dial *786#
  • Choose option 2, “Pay bills.”
  • Choose option 5 for internet banking
  • Choose your internet service
  • Enter your reference number
  • Enter the amount you want to pay
  • Enter your four-digit MPIN

After paying the bill, you will receive a confirmation SMS from 8558. In this way, you can pay your bills via the jazz cash app

 Easypaisa App 

For your convenience, Easypaisa has also launched a facility to pay utility bills. You can also transfer payments via the Easypaisa app.

You have to download the Easypaisa app. Choose the option of “Credit Card.” Just enter your details. After this, you will receive a confirmation SMS or an email. Here you go to ready to pay your bills.

Moreover, you can also deposit the amount on any Easypaisa retailer to pay the bill and get a duplicate copy of the LESCO bill.


With these common methods now, it is easy for everyone to pay his bills. These methods are quite easy, as well as highly secured and reliable.


To summarize, sometimes your LESCO bill due date has arrived, and you have not pay the bill till now. In most cases, people get panic because they do not have time to go to the bank, and in the end, they have to bear some extra charges due to not paying the bill.

Therefore, to facilitate its users, LESCO has introduced some online payment methods, and you can pay your Lesco bill online. Furthermore, after paying the bill, you will also get a Lesco duplicate bill. If you also want to check your LESCO bill online, then visit billsonline.pk.

Lesco Bill-Check LESCO Bill Online

Lesco bill online

Nowadays, everyone is busy in his life and not to waste his time standing in a queue to submit a bill. Moreover, due to not paying a bill on the due date, you will have to pay some extra charges which anyone cannot bear. Therefore, to ease in your life, We would be providing info about the LESCO bill, which will include the ways to check the bills online and payment methods.

 What is LESCO Bill? 

LESCO stands for the Lahore electric supply company, which is founded in 1998 under the act of WAPDA. LESCO supplies electricity in Lahore and nearby districts like Kasur, Okara, SheikhuPura, and Nankana.  LESCO has a maximum demand of 3062MW electricity, and it contained seventy-three 132KV and eleven 66KV grid stations in the year of 2013-2014.

From this website, you can quickly get your Lesco bill and can submit it online. Either you want to get a recent bill or an old bill, you can check lesco duplicate bill or print it. All you need just to put your reference number or consumer ID, and you have done with your wapda lesco bill. You can also view the Lesco bill online for a new connection.

 Areas under Lesco 

LESCO is a trusted and huge company that provides electricity in many areas without being interrupted in the supply. The areas under the Lahore electric supply company:

  • Lahore
  • Sheikhupura
  • Nankana
  • Okara
  • Kasur

 LESCO Organizational Structure 

LESCO has divided into three circles: the operational circle, the other is Construction Circle, and the third is the GSO circle.

 LESCO Operational Circle 

Circle No. Circle Name Divisions Sub-Division
1Central Lahore Circle531
2Okara Circle423
3Eastern Lahore Circle423
4North Lahore Circle528
5Nankana Circle416
6Sheikhupura Circle418
7Kasur Circle530
8South-Eastern Lahore Circle426

 LESCO Construction Circle 

Lesco Bill Online
Lesco Bill Online
  • Six divisions

 GSO Circle 

  • Three divisions

 Check LESCO Bill Online 

In this technology era, it is not difficult to check the electricity bill (bijli ka bill). Sometimes you received your LESCO bill just before few days to due or even received after the due date. Therefore, in this case, you have to bear a penalty from LESCO, as well as maybe your electric supply cut off.

Nowadays, every person who uses the internet and can easily access through our website can check the Lesco bill online, download it, and pay the bill online. From an online website, you can also check whether your bill is paid or not.

To check the Lesco electricity bill (bijli ka bill check online), you need the customer id or reference number. On our website, to enter the reference number in the input field has been made easy compared to other websites, and can also calculate your Lesco bill online.

 Methods to Check Lesco Bill 

There are several ways to check lesco customer bills. You can use that method, which is feasible for you. You can check lesco bill Lahore with a reference number or customer ID and via SMS or Email. Let’s discuss these methods:

 1-Check LESCO Bill with the Customer ID 

With customer ID, it is super easy to check the Lesco bill. You need to insert the customer id consist of 7 digits in the required field and press the “process” button. After that, you will view the Lesco duplicate bill. You can pay the bill online and also download the duplicate copy. You can see the image:

Method to check bill

 2-Check LESCO Bill with Reference Number 

Another option to check the Lesco consumer bill by using the reference number. You will insert the 15 digits reference number in the required field and press the “process button.” As a result, it will show the duplicate Lesco bill against the reference number. Please see the image below:

Check LESCO Bill with Reference Number

If you don’t view the Lesco bill or enter the wrong reference number, you have to press the reset button and then repeat the process. With these methods, you can also check lesco’s previous bill online.

 3-LESCO Email & SMS Service 

For the purpose of getting new information or the verification of your electricity bill, LESCO has launched an Email & SMS service. Lesco bill SMS service will give you more benefits to remain update about lesco billing and electricity supply. You can activate the service by following the instructions given in the image:

Email & SMS Verification


  • Visit the page
  • Select the option you want, such as email and SMS; if you want to activate both Email and SMS, select the option both.
  • Then you have to insert your customer ID.
  • In the next step, enter your current mobile number.
  • Then add your email address.
  • Click the option Submit, and now you can receive updates via SMS and email.

 How to Find LESCO Bill Consumer Number or ID? 

Now to check electricity bill online (bijli ka bill) is not a big deal. You need to know the consumer Id or reference number. On the other hand, most people don’t know about the consumer id or reference number located on the Lesco wapda bill.

To know the reference number or consumer id, pick the old lesco electricity consumer bill and match that Lesco Lahore bill with the given image:

How to Find LESCO Bill Consumer Number or ID?

Just see the top left corner highlighted area to see the consumer number on the Lesco bill. The reference number is also given with consumer id. You can also see your meter number on the Lesco e bill.

The reference number consists of 14 digits; on the other hand, the customer number has seven digits. There is no difference between consumer id or consumer number; they are same. Just with a reference or consumer number, you will get a lesco Lahore duplicate bill.

 LESCO Duplicate Bill 

After checking and accessing the lesco duplicate bill, you can download it and save it for your record to use in the future. This duplicate copy is acceptable for those payment counters for which LESCO has allowed bill payments.


WAPDA is the central organization of LESCO, which stands for the Water and Power Development Authority. In 2001 LESCO started under the WAPDA, known as Lahore Area Electricity Board (AEB). Until now, LESCO is working with WAPDA to provide electricity in Lahore and nearby districts.

Lahore and its nearby cities received the Lesco bill from LESCO, or they also get a duplicate copy of the Lesco bill in case they don’t receive the bill. You can also check your bill status, bill record and to see whether the bill is paid or not. Therefore you have to enter a reference number or consumer id to get a wapda bill online.

It doesn’t matter where you are; you can get your duplicate Lesco wapda bill and to check payment history at billsonline.pk.

 LESCO Connection Types 

LESCO Lahore has provided many types of connections keeping in view about your requirement, such as:

  • Commercial
  • Domestic
  • General Services
  • Tube-well
  • Industrial
  • Residential colonies
  • Agriculture
  • Street lights
  • Temporary

To apply for any connection, you have to submit an online application to the relevant department, depending on your need.


PITC stands for Power Information Technology Company, is located in Lahore, and has the mission to interact in the software development activities. PITC has many departments such as Operation Services, Engineering Solution Development, HR and Finance, and Business Development.

A department of Customer care and billing system has introduced innovations in the billing module. If you are looking for a pitc Lesco bill, then you do not have need to go anywhere else. By this website, you can easily find a lesco electricity bill by adding a reference number.

 LESCO Helpline 

If you face an issue in electricity supply or have not received your online duplicate Lesco bill, you should contact the LESCO head office. You can contact via 111-000-118; sometimes, many consumer requests are trying to call; therefore number can be busy. In this case, you can wait for a few minutes to contact again.

To ask about your Lesco bill status or bill correction, you can also visit the nearby Customer Service Center. For a new connection, please visit the office in your local area.

 Understanding about LESCO Bill 

Most of the bill wants to know about CR, bill relief, FPA on Lesco wapda bill. Here is the detail of these fields:

 Deffered Bill 

While Lesco bill online checking, sometimes you see the term “deffered bill.” It means it’s up to you that you want to pay your full bill or postpone it. Moreover, you can also pay the bill in installments with the next bill without any extra charges. It will be an excellent benefit for those who can’t pay the full bill.

 PM Relief 

During Covid 19 period, the Government had given relaxation to Lesco and all other electric companies. They were given an order not to take bills from consumers if they have less than 300 units. As well as if they didn’t pay the full bill, they could pay in instalments without having extra charges.

 CR Meaning 

CR stands for Credit bill amount. It is the amount if you have paid the bill more than you have received. Then next month, you have to pay less bill, or the amount will deduct from your next bill. For example, if you have CR = -300 and your next bill becomes 1500, then 300 will be deducted from your bill, and you have to pay only 1200.

 Taxes in LESCO Bill 

GST: GST stands for General Sales Tax. It will add in the electricity cost. 17% is its ratio.

Arrears/ Age in LESCO Bill: Arrears is the amount of bill which you have not paid in the previous bill. This amount will then be added to your next Lesco bill, and sometimes government gives relaxation to pay the bill in instalments.

FC Surcharge: Financing Cost Surcharge was initiated on 10th July 2015. It is the amount applied to the consumed units. The surcharge amount is 0.43 per unit.

LESCO TR Surcharge: TR stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. TR Surcharge is related to NEPRA and GOP. NEPRA will announce tariffs, and the Government will order distribution countries to pay it uniformly. TR is the difference between NEPRA and GOP Tariff. If this difference is negative, the distribution company will pay to GOP. In case of a positive difference, then GOP will pay it as a “Subsidy.”

 Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I check my electricity bill online?

To check the electricity bill, you have to visit any online billing website. You need to reference number or consumer ID. You have to insert this number in the relevant section and to press the process button. By doing this, you will be able to view your duplicate copy of the bill, or you can also download it.

What is LESCO?

LESCO is an acronym for Lahore Electricity Supply Company, which is made under the WAPDA act. This company provides electricity to Lahore and its nearby cities, such as Nankana, Sheikhupura, Okara, and Kasur.

How to change the name on LESCO Bill?

It is a lengthy process, and it is the same as a new connection. You have to visit your nearby office to apply to change the name.

How can I check my LESCO Bill status, whether it is paid or not?

To check your electricity bill status, you have to enter a reference number or consumer ID. On the next page, you can check the payment status.

How Do I Reduce my Electricity Bill?

You have to follow some essential tips to reduce bill:

  • Unplug the devices when they do not use laptops, TV, Mobile Charger, Computer, Iron, or any other appliances.
  • Use AC wisely, and try to use Inverter AC.
  • Use LED to save electricity.
  • Please switch off the extra lights and fans when they are not used.



To summarize, this article has all the relevant information which you want. You have to submit a bill every month; therefore, this article will also help check bills online. You can quickly check the bill from this website. In case of any difficulty or any query, do let us know in the comment section.