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Anyone cannot deny the importance of its own electricity meter connection. On your electricity meter, you can consume electricity as you want. But to apply for Lesco new connection is a bit tricky, and not everyone knows the procedure. Therefore to facilitate our users, we have provided a detailed guide that will help you to apply for a new connection.

Moreover, Electricity is provided to different cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, and Quetta by other government-owned distribution company (DISCO). Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) handles the DISCO. These distribution companies purchase electricity from PEPCO and WAPDA; therefore, they can provide electricity to their respective areas.

Furthermore, these electricity companies have made compulsory for all their users to apply for a new connection. Moreover, for this purpose, distribution companies have an online application system. Therefore we will tell you about the procedure to apply for LESCO new connection.

 Apply for LESCO New Connection 

You don’t need to visit the LESCO office to apply for a new connection because it has introduced an online system to apply for a new connection.

Let’s discuss the procedure:

Step 1: Find out your respective DISCO and click on “New Connection.” Then you will reach the web page of Electricity New Connection (ENC) System.

Step 2: You have to submit the scanned copies of the following documents while filling the online application form for Lesco new connection.

  • First of all, choose the connection type: Domestic, Commercial, Agriculture, Tubewell, Industrial, Residential colonies, Corporate company, Street light, and temporary.
  • Enter NTN ( National Tax Number) number. It will be your id card number after dash. Suppose if your id card number is 36203-1234567-9, then 12345678 is your NTN number.
  • Enter STRN number ( Sales Tax Registration number)
  • Select your electricity distribution company. e.g., LESCO, MEPCO
    Procedure to Apply for New Connection
    Procedure to Apply for New Connection
  • Select your sub-division
  • Now you have to enter the applicants’ information.
  • Select Owner or Rental
  • Applicant’s Name
  • CNIC Number
  • Present address ( Your address would be that one where you want to apply for a new meter or connection)
  • Mobile Number ( Enter 2 numbers)
  • Contact Person Name
  • Mobile number
  • Present address
  • Relationship with the Applicant
  • Email ( which is optional)
  • Numbers of meters already installed.
  • Minimum Load ( In KWh)
  • Premises address ( where you want to install electricity meter)
  • Enter neighbor’s reference number
  • Neighbor name & address
  • Choose a meter installation company.

Step 3: Now, you have to upload the scanned copies of the following documents. All files size should be 300 KB, and it should be in JPG or PDF format.

  • Proper Document Copy: You have to prove your house Registery, Baynama, Farrad, or Allotment letter. Oath Commissioner or Gazetted Officer attest all documents.
  • Undertaking by Applicant: Here, the Applicant has to admit that no electrical connection is not installed already, and he has not to pay overdue debt exists. In case of any pending dues applicant has to pay it.
  • If a Lesco new electricity connection has more than one owner, then a power of attorney must favor that who is applying.
  • Attested CNIC copy of Applicant
  • Attested CNIC copy of the witness
  • Neighbour electricity bill copy

Step 4: After filling the required fields and uploading the required documents, you are ready to submit the online application form.

Step 5: You need to print out this application form.

Step 6: Attach all the documents with this application form

Step 7: Now, you have to send this application form to the related office

Step 8: After verification of all documents and application form, LESCO will issue a demand notice

Step 9:  You have to pay this LESCO demand notice to the mentioned bank.

Step 10: The copy of the demand notice is to submit the concerned office

Step 11: After verification, the demand notice payment your Lesco new connection will be installed after some time.

After two months of installing the new connection, you will receive your lesco new connection bill.

Important Note

  • In case of submitting any fake documents, the application will cancel, and the department will take legal action.
  • An incomplete application form will not be accepted.
  • DISCO has the right to cancel the application if the application is illegible.

 Frequently Asked Questions 


How to apply for LESCO new connection?

First of all, you have to fill the online application form with scanned copies of the required documents. Then, print out this application form, attach the attached copies of documents, and submit it to the concerned office. After verifying documents, LESCO will give you demand notice, which you have to pay in the required bank. After this procedure, your LESCO new connection will be installed.

What is the LESCO new connection fee?

To know the exact amount of new connection, you have to visit the nearby LESCO office. But the estimated value of the new connection is approximately Rs.7000/- But it is better to visit the office once.

What is LESCO demand notice?

LESCO demand notice is a challan form issued by the LESCO.  Amount of new connection is given on it. You have to pay this amount in the mentioned bank for further process.

When will I receive LESCO new bill?

LESCO new meter bill will take some time after installation of the connection. But the estimated time is approximately two months. After two months you will get your Lesco new bill. You can pay LESCO bill in any authorized bank.

How to get LESCO Demand notice?

To get the LESCO demand notice to visit the link. Enter your tracking id or CNIC number and get the printout.

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