MEPCO Bill- MEPCO Bill Online Check April 2021

The month ends but you don’t receive your MEPCO bill as well in case if you received Mepco bills Multan just a day before the last date. Then what to do? Because you have to submit the bill before the last date otherwise you could receive the claim file. Now don’t worry at all, because we will tell you how you can check the MEPCO bill online 2021 and all other WAPDA bills.


Now Mepco bill check is just a few clicks away and you can submit your Mepco bill online. Moreover, you can also download the Mepco bill and get a duplicate copy which you can print for future records. In this article, we will provide you Mepco bill information, how to check Mepco consumer bill, download the bill and get a Mepco duplicate bill.

 What is MEPCO? 

MEPCO stands for Multan Electric Power Company established in 1998 and it is the largest distribution company of PEPCO. It supplies electricity to 13 districts of south Punjab. MEPCO has also contributed to the other five distribution countries which are LESCO, HESCO, PESCO, QESCO, and FESCO. The objective of the MEPCO to provide reliable electricity to the citizen of South Punjab. Approximately 34 million population is under MEPCO.

Areas Under Mepco

MEPCO is providing electricity to the following areas:

  • Khanewal
  • Sahiwal
  • Rajanpur
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Multan
  • Layyah
  • Vehari
  • PakPattan
  • Muzaffargarh
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Bahawalpur
  • Bahawalnagar
  • Lodhran

Furthermore, MEPCO electricity bills are dispatched 15th of every month and send to users at their address. Often they get the Mepco Wapda bill on time but sometimes they don’t receive it. There are two methods to Mepco duplicate bill, one is going to Mepco office to claim for Mepco’s bill or check Mepco bill online.

 Check MEPCO Bill Online 

Now we come to the point check the MEPCO bill online. You just need to enter a reference number mentioned on the Mepco consumer bill in the required field. By entering the reference number you are ready to get Mepco bill.

To check your bill online:

  1. Click here
  2. Enter your reference number
  3. Click on submit
  4. Now you can see your current bill bijli mepco

How to Find Reference Number

Until you don’t know the reference number you cannot check mepco bill. So you must know about the reference number. The reference number is the 14 digit number that is mentioned on your bill. The reference number is located at the top left corner of the bill. Just see the picture below:

 MEPCO Duplicate Bill 

Sometimes you received a higher monthly bill with a fine and previous bill and you get worried because you had submitted the previous bill. Moreover, To keep a record you must have all Multan mepco online bills. The procedure to get MEPCO duplicate bill is very easy. You can get a duplicate bill anytime. The procedure is the same to get the duplicate bill as you check Wapda mepco online bill.

Mepco Bill Online Check
Mepco Bill Online Check

To get your duplicate bill:

  1. Click here
  2. Write your reference number
  3. Click on submit
  4. MEPCO duplicate bill will show on screen

How to Download MEPCO Bill

It is very easy to download mepco online utility bills in PDF form. Open the window of your mepco bill and press Ctrl + P then bill printing will appear and click on “Save Destination” and choose the option PDF. Select the path and save mepco bill for the record.

How to Print MEPCO Bill Online?

To pay MEPCO bill it is necessary to have a print of Mepco bill. Step by step guide is given here to print MEPCO bill:

  • Click on the you will see the homepage of our website
  • Click on the customer service you will see an option “duplicate copy”
  • Enter your 14 digit reference number without using space
  • Click on the submit button
  • An electronic copy of your bill will be generated
  • You get a consumer bill or you can download it
  • Click on the print button
  • Set page size “A4”
  • Select portrait layout
  • Enter the print button
  • You will get a printed copy of your MEPCO bill

Get MEPCO Bill via SMS

Mepco check bill
Mepco check bill

If you want to get MEPCO bill via SMS then you have to do mepco bill registration for it. There are two methods to activate SMS alerts for MEPCO online bill. The first method is there is a section to write a phone number on your bill. Enter the phone number in this section and submit this bill to MEPCO office. Now you will be notified with SMS for incoming bills.

The second method is:

  • Go to SMS registration 
  • Enter 14 digits reference number
  • Enter phone number
  • Click on the submit button
  • SMS service will be activated on your number

 MEPCO Helpline 

For any kind of query and problem, you will get MEPCO customer service. MEPCO staff is always available to facilitate his users. You will get solutions by visiting the MEPCO office or by making a call. To contact MEPCO you can use these numbers:

  • 061-9220313
  • 061-9220314

For any kind of complaint, you can use this number 0800-63726

Objectives of MEPCO

MEPCO is a well-reputed electricity distribution organization that always tries to give solutions to electricity-related problems. MEPCO is striving hard to fulfill electricity consumption in South Punjab. Moreover, it has many objectives like:

  • Facilitate the agriculture and industrial sector
  • Ensure the unstoppable electricity supply
  • Striving to provide electricity in every village
  • To establish and role model of electricity distribution
  • Helps its users at cost for electricity distribution

 Frequently Asked Questions 

1-What is MEPCO?

MEPCO stands for Multan Electricity Power Company which is founded in 1998. MEPCO is providing electricity to thirteen districts of South Punjab. It has also contributed to other distribution companies like FESCO, HESCO, LESCO, PESCO, and QESCO.

2-How do I check my MEPCO bill?

To check the MEPCO bill online visit the Enter the reference number. Click on the submit button. You will get your MEPCO bill.

3-How do I check the MEPCO bill via SMS?

To activate SMS alerts visit the link

  • Enter your reference number
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click on the submit button
  • Now you will get the MEPCO bill via SMS.

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