MEPCO Complaint

If you are experiencing the issues of inaccurate meter reading and billing, unannounced electricity load shedding, or any other relevant electricity supply issues handled by MEPCO, then this page has all the necessary information for you to register MEPCO complaint and get your issue resolved.

 MEPCO Complaint 

Just like an engine can’t acquire 100% efficiency without any error, it is for an energy distribution company to operate without complaints. So complaints by the consumers are the natural ingredient in helping the company to improve its services.

Therefore, MEPCO also attempts to establish a stronger and satisfying bond with its consumers by acknowledging and efficiently resolving their problems, difficulties, and concerns through MEPCO Online Complaint and MEPCO telephone Inquiries.

Mepco Complaint

So if you wonder how you can approach the MEPCO consumer service center to get your problem sorted without even visiting the office, then read below carefully.

What can I complain about?

Generally, you can register your complaint regarding any electricity supply issue you face.

It can be the wrong meter reading, unscheduled load shedding, shutdowns, failure to access MEPCO bill information, etc. You can also do it if you face issues with its online services like MEPCO bill calculator, payment options etc.

How to register your complaint at MEPCO?

You can lodge your complaint on Multan Electric Power Company’s official website’s provided form of MEPCO online Bill Complaint.

  • As you land on that page, you would see a quick and simple form before you.
  • Start by entering your name and email.
  • Specify your region.
  • Add the reference number mentioned on your bill in the given blank.
  • Then there is a details column where you can elaborate on the issue you are facing.
  • After submitting the form, you would be contacted by the company within the required time period.

MEPCO Telephone Inquiry

In case of any quick fix, complaint, or assistance required regarding unscheduled load shedding, break down, etc., the Power Control Centre Multan can be contacted via the following numbers.

MEPCO Complaint Numbers




You can also explain to them your problem via email at In the subject, add the heading of the problem faced or the information required by you.

Frequently Asked Questions                                            

1-How can I inform MPECO about my problem?

You can register you’re complaint online at the provided form on its website. In case of any direct help or information, contact the provided MEPCO complaint numbers.

2-How to print a duplicate bill?

If the bill wasn’t dispatched to your home or you didn’t receive it, you can print a copy of your current or old bills through MEPCO duplicate service at this website. You need to add the required reference number.

3-How can I check my MEPCO bill online?

You can access MEPCO bill online check by clicking here.

MEPCO Bill Calculator 2021

In addition to the ease and comfort you enjoy with constantly growing technology and the internet, the Online MEPCO Bill calculator optimizes it with the bonus of a more reliable and convenient billing calculation and payment solution.


 MECPO Bill Calculator 

Did you ever wonder about the electricity bill you receive each month? Or have you ever doubted the accuracy of the bill of your power consumption?

If yes, then you might have been more compelled to let it go than to give it a check because of the long, tiring, and less reliable manual way of calculating your bills.

From finding each unit’s updated costs to learning about different taxes and adding them, it’s a long tiring calculation for a common person because not every one of us is an electrical engineer who finds it easy and interesting.

In this, the Mepco Bill calculator comes as the best aid of providing you (if electricity at your place is supplied by MEPCO) the perfect estimated amount of your electricity bill with a click.

Using this, you can check the bill’s accuracy that you received or find the amount even before you receive it.

Online bill calculations over Manual Calculations

You would first have to dig deep into the tariff guide to find each unit’s cost and then discover a different number of taxes, calculate the KWh cost of each appliance, sum up and multiply its number of units used. Wait!  It is yet not confirmed if your long calculation is prone to any human error.

Does it sound tiring?

It surely is.

Therefore online bill calculation is preferred as it is less time-consuming and more reliable.

Why do you need to double-check the electricity bill with the Mepco bill calculator?

If you find the amount on your bills too high or too low (very rare), then there is a definite need for you to recheck your bill. The poor wiring conditions, high power-consuming appliances, or faulty meters are the factors that can affect your bill accuracy.

You can do it easily using the Mepco Online bill calculator.

Moreover, calculating the bill on your own beforehand through the MEPCO bill estimator helps you make your expenditure and save plans accordingly.

How to use the MEPCO Electricity bill Calculator?

The amount you see on your electricity bill is the cost of the total number of units you consumed. In Pakistan, the number of units consumed is the main determinant of electricity bill calculation.

The MEPCO bill calculation formula is similar to the other electricity bill calculation using the KWh cost, which includes the energy usage of all the electronic devices and appliances at your home or business location.

By providing quick and selective information like connection type because the price of electricity of each unit is different for households and business setups, phase, and the number of units used, MEPCO bill calculator 2021 would give you the perfect estimated amount, including all the common taxes.

So below is the step-by-step guide for how to use the MEPCO calculator.

  1. As you land on the online calculator’s page for different distribution companies, please scroll down and click on MEPCO among all the others to access its online calculator.
  2. A page appears asking for certain information before calculating your bill expenditure.
  3. Firstly, select the connection type from the choices of connections available.
  4. Secondly, click on your phase like single phase, double phase, etc.
  5. Then insert the total number of units consumed. (you can read that on your electricity meter)
  6. Add a total number of TV sets in your home, which consumes electrical energy.
  7. Check or uncheck the boxes before ED exempt and GST exempt.
  8. Include the value of meter rent and service rent in digits.
  9. Now, at the end of this, you have three options. Click on the button based on where you want to advance.
  10. Proceed with the submit button to calculate your bill.
  11. Click on the Reset button if you added your data incorrectly and want to fill it again, as this will vanish all the data.
  12. Choose the back option to get back to the previous page.

After submitting the information, it’s not only the total estimated amount that you get to see but nearly a close look at how your bill will look. It includes the general breakdown into the cost of electricity, FC charge, total tariff charges, PTV fee, meter rent, service rent, etc.

Mepco Online billing Service

Online billing is an important and helpful tool in our busy life. In addition to MEPCO Online Bill Check, MEPCO also offers its users the opportunity of paying the bills through MEPCO bill Online payment.

You can view your amount, due date, or the full bill itself through MEPCO Online Bill Check by adding the required 14 digit reference number mentioned on your MEPCO bill Wapda.

And MEPCO bill Online Payment can be made through Easypaisa, JazzCash, HBL mobile, and daraz wallet.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry if, for any reason, the bill wasn’t dispatched to your house or you couldn’t receive it. It is because, with MEPCO online bills, you can download and print the bill.

All of this creates ease for its customers, from saving time to providing a ready digital copy of their bills.

Use the MEPCO Consumer bill calculator and calculate your bill estimate easily and efficiently.

MEPCO Online Bill Payment 2021

During this hustle and bustle, no one bothers to go to the bank to pay MEPCO bill Multan. Paying online WAPDA bills online has given more benefits to the people to save their time. MEPCO is a well-reputed electric distribution company providing the best services related to electricity to its customers. MEPCO is providing electricity to 13 districts as well as facilitates its users with other benefits. MEPCO online bill payment is also an excellent facility for its users. It is also essential to check the paid MEPCO bill.

MEPCO Online Bill Payment

As MEPCO consumer’s bills are dispatched on 15 of every month, and users could receive them within ten days. In case if anyone cannot receive the bill, he can also check the MEPCO bill online. After receiving the bill, the next procedure is to pay the MEPCO bill. You can go direct bank to submit the bill, but people usually avoid to go banks and to wait for long hours in a queue. MEPCO has not introduced online payment, but it has a partnership with some banks to MEPCO bill online payment. You can also check the MEPCO bill payment history.

Moreover, one of the most significant advantages of the online paying bill is saving your precious time. You only need an app for the MEPCO bill online payment. Furthermore, no extra charges will be deducted from your bank account. You have to pay the exact amount of the bill you have received. In this article, we will tell you about possible and easy MEPCO online payment methods. You can also print an online payment slip to get the MEPCO duplicate bill.

MEPCO Bill- MEPCO Bill Online Check 2021

Pay MEPCO Bill Online

It is effortless to pay the MEPCO bill online. You required one smartphone and one associated app. You have to follow the following steps:

  • Open any app ( HBL, JazzCash, Easypaisa, Meezan)
  • Select bill payment option
  • Click Provider and category
  • Enter your reference number
  • It will show MEPCO information on the screen.
  • Click on the play button.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation message.

 MEPCO Online Payment Methods 

There are various MEPCO online payment methods. Almost all banks have a partnership with MEPCO, and they allow them to pay MEPCO bills online. You should have a bank account and the total payment which you want to pay. Let’s discuss the methods:

HBL Mobile

HBL mobile application allows to MEPCO online bill payment. Steps are given below:

  • Login into your app
  • Select bill
  • Select provider
  • Write your bill reference number.
  • Click on the play button.


  • Click on the bill icon.
  • Select provider
  • Enter reference number
  • Click on the play button.


JazzCash is also an easy method for MEPCO online bill payment.

  • Login to your app by entering MPIN
  • Click on payment
  • Select provider
  • Enter reference number
  • Click on the play button.

After this, it will show mepco bill payment status.

Daraz Wallet

Moreover, Daraz has also introduced the method to pay utility bills. It also gives a 10% discount for the very first time when you will pay the bill. All you need to attach your bank account with it, and the rest of the process is the same for other apps. After the MEPCO bill is paid, it will send you notification of the bill submission.

Utility Bill Online

Technology is becoming super-fast day by day, and now it has introduced convenient and easy procedures for everything. As a result utility bills can also be paid by using the technology. Now you can pay all your bills online, including water, gas, WASA, and electricity. Online bill payments save your time, and you could spend that time in any productive work. The payment method of other electricity bills are also quite easy and efficient.

MEPCO Peak Hours

During Peak hours, the cost per unit is minimum. MEPCO also has peak hours, which leads to a lessen in your electricity bill. Therefore, It would be recommended to use such appliances to consume more units like washing machine, TV and AC.

MEPCO Bill Email Service

MEPCO has also given email service to receive MEPCO bills via email. You have to subscribe to the email service of MEPCO for this. You will receive your MEPCO bill by email before the due date. You don’t need to check the MEPCO bill online because you will receive the bill with the exact amount. MEPCO also has an SMS service. You will be notified about the MEPCO bill via SMS.

 Taxes in MEPCO Bill 

MEPCO has some taxes. Let’s discuss these taxes, which are given on the MEPCO bill.


FPA is known as Fuel Price Adjustment. MEPCO has different contract companies to purchase electricity, which will produce electricity from crude oil.

TR Surcharge

GOP and NEPRA tariff difference is known as TR surcharge. TR stands for Tariff Rationalization. If it is negative, then the Distribution Company has to pay to GOP, and when it is positive, then GOP will pay this tax.

FC Surcharge

MEPCO has fixed that rate 43 paise per unit to collect the debt from the Power Holding Private Limited. And FC is known as Finance Cost.

Deferred Bill

This is the amount you have to pay in the same month, and you have to pay it every month. If you don’t pay, then this tax will be included in next month’s bill.  At MEPCO bill payslip, you will see these taxes.


It is the quarterly tariff adjustment amount. You have to pay it after every three months.

You can also calculate your MEPCO bill by entering the total number of units consumed and the rate per unit.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

1-How can I pay my MEPCO bill?

There are several ways to pay the MEPCO bill online. You don’t need to go bank to pay the MEPCO bill. There are many ways to pay the MEPCO bill; all you need is just one smartphone and related app. However, you can pay the bill via:

  • HBL App
  • JazzCash App
  • Easypaisa App
  • Daraz Wallet

2-How can I subscribe MEPCO email service?

You can subscribe MEPCO email service by visiting the official site and enter your reference number. By this, you will receive all your bills via email before the due date.

3-From where I get my MEPCO reference number?

MEPCO reference number is given on the MEPCO bill. Find any previous bill and look at the top left corner of the bill. A 14 digit number will be provided, which is your reference number.

MEPCO Bill- MEPCO Bill Online Check April 2021

The month ends but you don’t receive your MEPCO bill as well in case if you received Mepco bills Multan just a day before the last date. Then what to do? Because you have to submit the bill before the last date otherwise you could receive the claim file. Now don’t worry at all, because we will tell you how you can check the MEPCO bill online 2021 and all other WAPDA bills.


Now Mepco bill check is just a few clicks away and you can submit your Mepco bill online. Moreover, you can also download the Mepco bill and get a duplicate copy which you can print for future records. In this article, we will provide you Mepco bill information, how to check Mepco consumer bill, download the bill and get a Mepco duplicate bill.

 What is MEPCO? 

MEPCO stands for Multan Electric Power Company established in 1998 and it is the largest distribution company of PEPCO. It supplies electricity to 13 districts of south Punjab. MEPCO has also contributed to the other five distribution countries which are LESCO, HESCO, PESCO, QESCO, and FESCO. The objective of the MEPCO to provide reliable electricity to the citizen of South Punjab. Approximately 34 million population is under MEPCO.

Areas Under Mepco

MEPCO is providing electricity to the following areas:

  • Khanewal
  • Sahiwal
  • Rajanpur
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Multan
  • Layyah
  • Vehari
  • PakPattan
  • Muzaffargarh
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Bahawalpur
  • Bahawalnagar
  • Lodhran

Furthermore, MEPCO electricity bills are dispatched 15th of every month and send to users at their address. Often they get the Mepco Wapda bill on time but sometimes they don’t receive it. There are two methods to Mepco duplicate bill, one is going to Mepco office to claim for Mepco’s bill or check Mepco bill online.

 Check MEPCO Bill Online 

Now we come to the point check the MEPCO bill online. You just need to enter a reference number mentioned on the Mepco consumer bill in the required field. By entering the reference number you are ready to get Mepco bill.

To check your bill online:

  1. Click here
  2. Enter your reference number
  3. Click on submit
  4. Now you can see your current bill bijli mepco

How to Find Reference Number

Until you don’t know the reference number you cannot check mepco bill. So you must know about the reference number. The reference number is the 14 digit number that is mentioned on your bill. The reference number is located at the top left corner of the bill. Just see the picture below:

 MEPCO Duplicate Bill 

Sometimes you received a higher monthly bill with a fine and previous bill and you get worried because you had submitted the previous bill. Moreover, To keep a record you must have all Multan mepco online bills. The procedure to get MEPCO duplicate bill is very easy. You can get a duplicate bill anytime. The procedure is the same to get the duplicate bill as you check Wapda mepco online bill.

Mepco Bill Online Check
Mepco Bill Online Check

To get your duplicate bill:

  1. Click here
  2. Write your reference number
  3. Click on submit
  4. MEPCO duplicate bill will show on screen

How to Download MEPCO Bill

It is very easy to download mepco online utility bills in PDF form. Open the window of your mepco bill and press Ctrl + P then bill printing will appear and click on “Save Destination” and choose the option PDF. Select the path and save mepco bill for the record.

How to Print MEPCO Bill Online?

To pay MEPCO bill it is necessary to have a print of Mepco bill. Step by step guide is given here to print MEPCO bill:

  • Click on the you will see the homepage of our website
  • Click on the customer service you will see an option “duplicate copy”
  • Enter your 14 digit reference number without using space
  • Click on the submit button
  • An electronic copy of your bill will be generated
  • You get a consumer bill or you can download it
  • Click on the print button
  • Set page size “A4”
  • Select portrait layout
  • Enter the print button
  • You will get a printed copy of your MEPCO bill

Get MEPCO Bill via SMS

Mepco check bill
Mepco check bill

If you want to get MEPCO bill via SMS then you have to do mepco bill registration for it. There are two methods to activate SMS alerts for MEPCO online bill. The first method is there is a section to write a phone number on your bill. Enter the phone number in this section and submit this bill to MEPCO office. Now you will be notified with SMS for incoming bills.

The second method is:

  • Go to SMS registration 
  • Enter 14 digits reference number
  • Enter phone number
  • Click on the submit button
  • SMS service will be activated on your number

 MEPCO Helpline 

For any kind of query and problem, you will get MEPCO customer service. MEPCO staff is always available to facilitate his users. You will get solutions by visiting the MEPCO office or by making a call. To contact MEPCO you can use these numbers:

  • 061-9220313
  • 061-9220314

For any kind of complaint, you can use this number 0800-63726

Objectives of MEPCO

MEPCO is a well-reputed electricity distribution organization that always tries to give solutions to electricity-related problems. MEPCO is striving hard to fulfill electricity consumption in South Punjab. Moreover, it has many objectives like:

  • Facilitate the agriculture and industrial sector
  • Ensure the unstoppable electricity supply
  • Striving to provide electricity in every village
  • To establish and role model of electricity distribution
  • Helps its users at cost for electricity distribution

 Frequently Asked Questions 

1-What is MEPCO?

MEPCO stands for Multan Electricity Power Company which is founded in 1998. MEPCO is providing electricity to thirteen districts of South Punjab. It has also contributed to other distribution companies like FESCO, HESCO, LESCO, PESCO, and QESCO.

2-How do I check my MEPCO bill?

To check the MEPCO bill online visit the Enter the reference number. Click on the submit button. You will get your MEPCO bill.

3-How do I check the MEPCO bill via SMS?

To activate SMS alerts visit the link

  • Enter your reference number
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click on the submit button
  • Now you will get the MEPCO bill via SMS.