MEPCO Complaint

If you are experiencing the issues of inaccurate meter reading and billing, unannounced electricity load shedding, or any other relevant electricity supply issues handled by MEPCO, then this page has all the necessary information for you to register MEPCO complaint and get your issue resolved.

 MEPCO Complaint 

Just like an engine can’t acquire 100% efficiency without any error, it is for an energy distribution company to operate without complaints. So complaints by the consumers are the natural ingredient in helping the company to improve its services.

Therefore, MEPCO also attempts to establish a stronger and satisfying bond with its consumers by acknowledging and efficiently resolving their problems, difficulties, and concerns through MEPCO Online Complaint and MEPCO telephone Inquiries.

Mepco Complaint

So if you wonder how you can approach the MEPCO consumer service center to get your problem sorted without even visiting the office, then read below carefully.

What can I complain about?

Generally, you can register your complaint regarding any electricity supply issue you face.

It can be the wrong meter reading, unscheduled load shedding, shutdowns, failure to access MEPCO bill information, etc. You can also do it if you face issues with its online services like MEPCO bill calculator, payment options etc.

How to register your complaint at MEPCO?

You can lodge your complaint on Multan Electric Power Company’s official website’s provided form of MEPCO online Bill Complaint.

  • As you land on that page, you would see a quick and simple form before you.
  • Start by entering your name and email.
  • Specify your region.
  • Add the reference number mentioned on your bill in the given blank.
  • Then there is a details column where you can elaborate on the issue you are facing.
  • After submitting the form, you would be contacted by the company within the required time period.

MEPCO Telephone Inquiry

In case of any quick fix, complaint, or assistance required regarding unscheduled load shedding, break down, etc., the Power Control Centre Multan can be contacted via the following numbers.

MEPCO Complaint Numbers




You can also explain to them your problem via email at In the subject, add the heading of the problem faced or the information required by you.

Frequently Asked Questions                                            

1-How can I inform MPECO about my problem?

You can register you’re complaint online at the provided form on its website. In case of any direct help or information, contact the provided MEPCO complaint numbers.

2-How to print a duplicate bill?

If the bill wasn’t dispatched to your home or you didn’t receive it, you can print a copy of your current or old bills through MEPCO duplicate service at this website. You need to add the required reference number.

3-How can I check my MEPCO bill online?

You can access MEPCO bill online check by clicking here.

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