We are all connected by the internet, like neurons in a brain. Today, it has become unavoidable, as all the information, knowledge facts, and figures are associated with it. But the internet without a quality connection is useless. PTCL internet packages 2021 cater to your broadband needs and offer unlimited data and high-speed internet at reasonable prices.

But why PTCL? Pakistan Telecommunication Company is the largest telecom company that has scattered its roots in more than 2,000 cities and towns. With more than 20,000 subscribers all over the country, the denomination now rules the telecommunication industry. PTCL is playing its part to nurture a digitally connected Pakistan.

It began its journey in 1947 with a telephone and telegraph department. Gradually it grew and evolved with advanced digital telecommunication technologies like none other. Today, it is the first telecom company that delivers high-speed internet services at the most economical price point. PTCL internet packages are incredibly significant and much better than other broadband services in Pakistan.


The company has gone through times in the broadband world, but now the PTCL’s market share is much higher than its competitors. The tremendous increment in the rating is mainly because of delivering remarkable internet services. Although mobile internet is becoming popular day by day still it is unable to stop PTCL from prospering.

What makes PTCL superior is its unlimited data. In comparison, mobile internet comes with limitations and is expensive too. You can’t even think of downloading HD movies and games through your mobile internet package. More than that, PTCL broadband services are accessible almost anywhere in Pakistan.

Several PTCL internet packages are designed to meet the necessities of different users. Go through each package and choose the one that suits you the most. Have a glance at the packages and their prices.


PTCL 1mbps Economy Package1030 daysRs.599
PTCL 2mbps Economy Package1530 daysRs.750
PTCL 250mbps Economy PackageUnlimited30 daysRs.1000
PTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 20 GB Data Package2030 daysRs.1000
PTCL Charlie Evo Cloud &Wingle 30 GB Data Package3030 daysRs.1250
PTCL 1 Mbps Student PackageUnlimited30 daysRs.1299
PTCL 2mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs.1450
PTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 50 GB Data Package5030 daysRs.1500
PTCL 2Mbps Student PackageUnlimited30 daysRs.1549
PTCL 4mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs.1700
PTCL Charji Evo Cloud & Wingle 75 GB Data Package7530 daysRs.2000
PTCL 8mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs.2150
PTCL 4mbps Triple Play BundleUnlimited30 daysRs.2150
PTCL Charji Evo Cloud & Wingle 100GB Data Package 

10030 daysRs.2500
PTCL 15mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs.2650
PTCL 25mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs.3200
PTCL Broadband 4mbps+Charji Package 20030 daysRs.4000
PTCL 50mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs.5000
PTCL 100mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs.7500


1 Mbps Economy Package

Here comes the first PTCL internet package, the 1Mbps economy broadband starter package. Those who require a limited amount of internet volume can decide on this one. 1Mbps Economy Internet Package includes high-speed internet with a 10GB download limit of just Rs.599. Further, you can check your PTCL internet bill by your phone number and account ID. 

2 Mbps Economy Package

Need more data? If yes, then consider PTCL 2Mbps Economy Package and enjoy exceptional broadband services. This package offers a 4Mbps internet connection with a 15GB download limit of just Rs.750.

Need your PTCL online duplicate bill print? No issues, go to the official PTCL website and provide your landline number and account ID. Next, click the Print Bill option, and you’re nicely done.



4 Mbps Unlimited Package 

Do the previous ones are unable to satisfy your downloading cravings? No problem as PTCL offers a special package for unlimited downloads. PTCL 4Mbps Package provides massive storage with a 4Mbps internet connection. Moreover, its duration is 30 days and costs Rs.1700. This excellent package has made unlimited internet approachable for ordinary people.

Surfing the company’s official website can direct you to your PTCL bill payment history. Furthermore, you can also collect other PTCL internet bill information from there.

8 Mbps Unlimited Package

Still not satisfied? Don’t get down as there are many more packages to go. Check out the next one, the PTCL 8Mbps package, and enjoy the internet at its best. The package includes unlimited downloads with an 8Mbps internet connection for 30 days. Not only this, you will get a free Smart TV and Freedom unlimited package with it. Get all these remarkable services for just Rs. 2150. Freedom Unlimited package encompasses unlimited landline calls and 100 Ufone minutes.

PTCL internet bill checking and PTCL internet bill payment are now easier than ever with PTCL online bill payment facility.

15 Mbps Unlimited Package

Moving onto the next unlimited PTCL internet package, we get the PTCL 15Mbps offer. Subscribe to this offer and avail 100 Mbps connection with an endless download limit. As if that is not enough, the spectacular bundle includes Smart Tv and Freedom Unlimited Package. On top of that, the package is pretty affordable and costs Rs.2650, including tax.

As mentioned earlier, the Freedom Unlimited package includes unlimited landline calls and 100 Ufone minutes. However, you don’t have to worry about the PTCL Smart Tv bill as it’s free with this package.

25 Mbps Unlimited Package

Here you go with another valuable offer; the PTCL 25 Mbps Package is here for endless entertainment.  Enjoy 25 Mbps high-speed internet for one month at Rs 3200 with unlimited downloads. This offer also includes Free Smart Tv and Freedom Unlimited Package. Though the price seems a bit high, the quality package is indeed worth it. 

Most people ask us what the arrears in the PTCL bill are? It’s the status of payments corresponding to the due dates.

50 Mbps Unlimited Package

Office chores can’t compromise with internet speed and demand for a premium internet connection. Subscribe to PTCL 50 Mbps Package and download maximum files with 50 Mbps connection for one month. This incredible package cost Rs. 5000.

Register yourself through an online E-payment account and get your PTCL e-bill every month at your mailing address.

100 Mbps Unlimited Package

Are you up to a super-duper offer? Here you go with the PTCL 100 Mbps package that can cover extensive internet needs at a pocket-friendly price. This premium package includes 100 Mbps internet with free Smart Tv and Freedom Unlimited Package. You can enjoy this facility for a month by paying Rs.7,500. 

PTCL bill rates are quite budget-friendly compared to rival internet service providers, but that doesn’t mean that the company is inferior in services. The PTCL quality standards are better than the best.



All the broadband subscribers using any of the packages mentioned above can avail of the Broadband Static IP offer.  The additional Static IP feature allows the user to host a web, email, and access the DNS server on its device. Just add Rs.350 to your existing package and use this special offer.

Have you lost your PTCL telephone bill? Don’t panic, as you can quickly get your PTCL telephone duplicate bill online with your landline number and customer ID.

4 Mbps Triple Play Bundle

As headlined from the name, this unique offer is a Trio. You can have Freedom Unlimited Package, Smart Tv and 4 Mbps internet connection for Rs 2,250 only.


Got the perfect internet package? Great! Now subscribe to the fantastic offer simply by dialing 0800 8 0800 and enjoy, learn and earn with your favorite PTCl internet package.


Beyond any doubt, PTCL has brought a revolution in Pakistan’s broadband technology by providing tremendous internet packages at pocket-friendly prices. Use any of the PTCL internet Package and say hello to the future.

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