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Nowadays, everyone is busy in his life and not to waste his time standing in a queue to submit a bill. Moreover, due to not paying a bill on the due date, you will have to pay some extra charges which anyone cannot bear. Therefore, to ease in your life, We would be providing info about the LESCO bill, which will include the ways to check the bills online and payment methods.


What is LESCO Bill?

LESCO stands for the Lahore electric supply company, which is founded in 1998 under the act of WAPDA. LESCO supplies electricity in Lahore and nearby districts like Kasur, Okara, SheikhuPura, and Nankana.  LESCO has a maximum demand of 3062MW electricity, and it contained seventy-three 132KV and eleven 66KV grid stations in the year of 2013-2014.

From this website, you can quickly get your Lesco bill and can submit it online. Either you want to get a recent bill or an old bill, you can check lesco duplicate bill or print it. All you need just to put your reference number or consumer ID, and you have done with your wapda lesco bill. You can also view the Lesco bill online for a new connection.

 Areas under Lesco 

LESCO is a trusted and huge company that provides electricity in many areas without being interrupted in the supply. The areas under the Lahore electric supply company:

  • Lahore
  • Sheikhupura
  • Nankana
  • Okara
  • Kasur

 LESCO Organizational Structure 

LESCO has divided into three circles: the operational circle, the other is Construction Circle, and the third is the GSO circle.

 LESCO Operational Circle 

Circle No. Circle Name Divisions Sub-Division
1Central Lahore Circle531
2Okara Circle423
3Eastern Lahore Circle423
4North Lahore Circle528
5Nankana Circle416
6Sheikhupura Circle418
7Kasur Circle530
8South-Eastern Lahore Circle426

 LESCO Construction Circle 

Lesco Bill Online
Lesco Bill Online
  • Six divisions

 GSO Circle 

  • Three divisions

 Check LESCO Bill Online 

In this technology era, it is not difficult to check the electricity bill (bijli ka bill). Sometimes you received your LESCO bill just before few days to due or even received after the due date. Therefore, in this case, you have to bear a penalty from LESCO, as well as maybe your electric supply cut off.

Nowadays, every person who uses the internet and can easily access through our website can check the Lesco bill online, download it, and pay the bill online. From an online website, you can also check whether your bill is paid or not.

To check the Lesco electricity bill (bijli ka bill check online), you need the customer id or reference number. On our website, to enter the reference number in the input field has been made easy compared to other websites, and can also calculate your Lesco bill online.

 Methods to Check Lesco Bill 

There are several ways to check lesco customer bills. You can use that method, which is feasible for you. You can check lesco bill Lahore with a reference number or customer ID and via SMS or Email. Let’s discuss these methods:

 1-Check LESCO Bill with the Customer ID 

With customer ID, it is super easy to check the Lesco bill. You need to insert the customer id consist of 7 digits in the required field and press the “process” button. After that, you will view the Lesco duplicate bill. You can pay the bill online and also download the duplicate copy. You can see the image:

Method to check bill

 2-Check LESCO Bill with Reference Number 

Another option to check the Lesco consumer bill by using the reference number. You will insert the 15 digits reference number in the required field and press the “process button.” As a result, it will show the duplicate Lesco bill against the reference number. Please see the image below:

Check LESCO Bill with Reference Number

If you don’t view the Lesco bill or enter the wrong reference number, you have to press the reset button and then repeat the process. With these methods, you can also check lesco’s previous bill online.

 3-LESCO Email & SMS Service 

For the purpose of getting new information or the verification of your electricity bill, LESCO has launched an Email & SMS service. Lesco bill SMS service will give you more benefits to remain update about lesco billing and electricity supply. You can activate the service by following the instructions given in the image:

Email & SMS Verification


  • Visit the page
  • Select the option you want, such as email and SMS; if you want to activate both Email and SMS, select the option both.
  • Then you have to insert your customer ID.
  • In the next step, enter your current mobile number.
  • Then add your email address.
  • Click the option Submit, and now you can receive updates via SMS and email.

 How to Find LESCO Bill Consumer Number or ID? 

Now to check electricity bill online (bijli ka bill) is not a big deal. You need to know the consumer Id or reference number. On the other hand, most people don’t know about the consumer id or reference number located on the Lesco wapda bill.

To know the reference number or consumer id, pick the old lesco electricity consumer bill and match that Lesco Lahore bill with the given image:

How to Find LESCO Bill Consumer Number or ID?

Just see the top left corner highlighted area to see the consumer number on the Lesco bill. The reference number is also given with consumer id. You can also see your meter number on the Lesco e bill.

The reference number consists of 14 digits; on the other hand, the customer number has seven digits. There is no difference between consumer id or consumer number; they are same. Just with a reference or consumer number, you will get a lesco Lahore duplicate bill.

 LESCO Duplicate Bill 

After checking and accessing the lesco duplicate bill, you can download it and save it for your record to use in the future. This duplicate copy is acceptable for those payment counters for which LESCO has allowed bill payments.


WAPDA is the central organization of LESCO, which stands for the Water and Power Development Authority. In 2001 LESCO started under the WAPDA, known as Lahore Area Electricity Board (AEB). Until now, LESCO is working with WAPDA to provide electricity in Lahore and nearby districts.

Lahore and its nearby cities received the Lesco bill from LESCO, or they also get a duplicate copy of the Lesco bill in case they don’t receive the bill. You can also check your bill status, bill record and to see whether the bill is paid or not. Therefore you have to enter a reference number or consumer id to get a wapda bill online.

It doesn’t matter where you are; you can get your duplicate Lesco wapda bill and to check payment history at billsonline.pk.

 LESCO Connection Types 

LESCO Lahore has provided many types of connections keeping in view about your requirement, such as:

  • Commercial
  • Domestic
  • General Services
  • Tube-well
  • Industrial
  • Residential colonies
  • Agriculture
  • Street lights
  • Temporary

To apply for any connection, you have to submit an online application to the relevant department, depending on your need.


PITC stands for Power Information Technology Company, is located in Lahore, and has the mission to interact in the software development activities. PITC has many departments such as Operation Services, Engineering Solution Development, HR and Finance, and Business Development.

A department of Customer care and billing system has introduced innovations in the billing module. If you are looking for a pitc Lesco bill, then you do not have need to go anywhere else. By this website, you can easily find a lesco electricity bill by adding a reference number.

 LESCO Helpline 

If you face an issue in electricity supply or have not received your online duplicate Lesco bill, you should contact the LESCO head office. You can contact via 111-000-118; sometimes, many consumer requests are trying to call; therefore number can be busy. In this case, you can wait for a few minutes to contact again.

To ask about your Lesco bill status or bill correction, you can also visit the nearby Customer Service Center. For a new connection, please visit the office in your local area.

 Understanding about LESCO Bill 

Most of the bill wants to know about CR, bill relief, FPA on Lesco wapda bill. Here is the detail of these fields:

 Deffered Bill 

While Lesco bill online checking, sometimes you see the term “deffered bill.” It means it’s up to you that you want to pay your full bill or postpone it. Moreover, you can also pay the bill in installments with the next bill without any extra charges. It will be an excellent benefit for those who can’t pay the full bill.

 PM Relief 

During Covid 19 period, the Government had given relaxation to Lesco and all other electric companies. They were given an order not to take bills from consumers if they have less than 300 units. As well as if they didn’t pay the full bill, they could pay in instalments without having extra charges.

 CR Meaning 

CR stands for Credit bill amount. It is the amount if you have paid the bill more than you have received. Then next month, you have to pay less bill, or the amount will deduct from your next bill. For example, if you have CR = -300 and your next bill becomes 1500, then 300 will be deducted from your bill, and you have to pay only 1200.

 Taxes in LESCO Bill 

GST: GST stands for General Sales Tax. It will add in the electricity cost. 17% is its ratio.

Arrears/ Age in LESCO Bill: Arrears is the amount of bill which you have not paid in the previous bill. This amount will then be added to your next Lesco bill, and sometimes government gives relaxation to pay the bill in instalments.

FC Surcharge: Financing Cost Surcharge was initiated on 10th July 2015. It is the amount applied to the consumed units. The surcharge amount is 0.43 per unit.

LESCO TR Surcharge: TR stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. TR Surcharge is related to NEPRA and GOP. NEPRA will announce tariffs, and the Government will order distribution countries to pay it uniformly. TR is the difference between NEPRA and GOP Tariff. If this difference is negative, the distribution company will pay to GOP. In case of a positive difference, then GOP will pay it as a “Subsidy.”

 Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I check my electricity bill online?

To check the electricity bill, you have to visit any online billing website. You need to reference number or consumer ID. You have to insert this number in the relevant section and to press the process button. By doing this, you will be able to view your duplicate copy of the bill, or you can also download it.

What is LESCO?

LESCO is an acronym for Lahore Electricity Supply Company, which is made under the WAPDA act. This company provides electricity to Lahore and its nearby cities, such as Nankana, Sheikhupura, Okara, and Kasur.

How to change the name on LESCO Bill?

It is a lengthy process, and it is the same as a new connection. You have to visit your nearby office to apply to change the name.

How can I check my LESCO Bill status, whether it is paid or not?

To check your electricity bill status, you have to enter a reference number or consumer ID. On the next page, you can check the payment status.

How Do I Reduce my Electricity Bill?

You have to follow some essential tips to reduce bill:

  • Unplug the devices when they do not use laptops, TV, Mobile Charger, Computer, Iron, or any other appliances.
  • Use AC wisely, and try to use Inverter AC.
  • Use LED to save electricity.
  • Please switch off the extra lights and fans when they are not used.



To summarize, this article has all the relevant information which you want. You have to submit a bill every month; therefore, this article will also help check bills online. You can quickly check the bill from this website. In case of any difficulty or any query, do let us know in the comment section.


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