Lesco has a new online service to check your bills, and it’s easy to use. You don’t have to pay anything for it. Each person has a special number on their bill that’s always the same. You can use this number to get a copy of your bill from Lesco’s website. It’s a good idea to keep this number safe so you can pay your bills easily. Lesco makes it really simple and quick for everyone to see their bills and pay them.


Here’s a concise and original guide on How to Pay LESCO Bill Online:

1. Visit LESCO’s Official Website:

Go to LESCO’s official site using your web browser.

2. Log in or Register:

Log in if you have an account, or register by providing your details.

3. Access Payment Section:

Navigate to the payment area on the site.

4. Enter Bill Details:

Input your unique bill reference number.

5. Choose Payment Method:

Select how you want to pay – credit/debit card, online banking, or mobile wallet.

6. Confirm and Pay:

Check the bill amount, then confirm and make the payment.

7. Transaction Complete:

Receive confirmation and transaction details.

8. Save Proof:

Save the confirmation page or receipt for your records.

Follow these steps to easily pay your LESCO bill online.


You can pay your LESCO bill through JazzCash by following these steps:

  1. Open the JazzCash app.
  2. Click on the “Pay bills” option.
  3. Select the bill type “Electricity”.
  4. Click on “Select Payment Company” and select LESCO.
  5. Enter your consumer number.
  6. You will see the complete details of your electricity bill.
  7. Verify the Bill Amount: The app will usually display the amount due for your LESCO bill based on the reference number. Verify that it matches the amount on your bill.
  8. Confirm and Pay: Once you’ve verified the details, confirm the payment. The app will deduct the bill amount from your JazzCash account, and you will receive a confirmation of the payment.
  9. Save the Receipt: After successfully making the payment, save the transaction receipt or take a screenshot for your records.


A Lesco bill estimator is a useful tool that helps individuals or businesses estimate their electricity bill from the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) in Pakistan. It typically takes into account various factors such as the electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh), tariff rates, and any applicable taxes or surcharges. Users can input their monthly or daily electricity usage data, and the estimator will provide them with an approximate cost for their upcoming bill. This tool is valuable for budgeting purposes, enabling consumers to plan their expenses and make energy-efficient choices to reduce their electricity costs. It also promotes transparency and helps customers better understand how their electricity consumption affects their bills, fostering responsible energy usage.


LESCO’s electrifying touch extends gracefully across multiple districts:

1. Lahore:  The vibrant nucleus where LESCO’s energy meets urban dynamism.

2. Okara:  Infusing rural landscapes with the power of modernity.

3. Sheikhupura:  Illuminating industrial prowess and cultural heritage alike.

4. Nankana: Lighting up the sacred land where tradition meets innovation.

5. Kasur:  Energizing the agricultural tapestry with a spark of progress.

LESCO’s radiance shapes each district with a fusion of energy and innovation.


LESCO’s New Connection Journey

  • To get a new LESCO connection, you’ll need some important documents. These include a copy of your National Identity Card (NIC), documents proving that you own the property, and any other papers that may be needed depending on the type of connection you want.
  • Demand Notice Fee: Every journey has its fee, and LESCO’s demand notice is no exception. Depending on the connection type, the fee varies. You have a symphony of payment options: online, bank, or mobile banking. The fee’s tempo:

– City Areas: Rs. 12,660

– Rural Areas: Rs. 10,830

Application Process: Write your connection story by filling the application and harmonizing it with documents. Present your composition at the LESCO office, and within 15-20 days, your new connection will glow.

  • Timeframe for Processing: In 15-20 days, your new LESCO connection shall shine. If delays linger, fear not, for LESCO’s timely updates will guide you.

Meter Replacement Ballet: A Dance of Transformation.

uses for Replacement: When meters falter, the replacement dance begins. Outdated or faulty, a new meter is the encore you deserve.

Application Process: To get a new LESCO connection, fill out the application, provide the required documents, and visit the LESCO office. Your new connection will be set up in about 15-20 days.

Timeframe for Replacement: Within 7-10 days, your meter shall don a new avatar. Await the cue, as LESCO orchestrates the rhythm.

Necessary Documents: As the meter transforms, don’t miss a beat. Alongside your application, present your NIC copy or ownership documents.

With LESCO’s melodies, your new connections and meter replacements are harmonious tales. Let documents be your notes and LESCO your conductor in this electrifying journey.


LESCO’s Power Failure Complaint Numbers.

Lighting Up Solutions:

When darkness descends due to a power failure, remember, LESCO’s support is just a call away.

Reach Out for Relief:

To report a power failure complaint, dial any of the numbers below:





In moments of blackouts, let these numbers be your guiding light, swiftly leading you back to the warmth of illumination.

LESCO’s Digital Grievance Redressal: The Online Complaint System

If you’re having problems with your electricity from LESCO, you can use their online complaint system, which is easy and quick. Just go to the LESCO website and report your issue. They’ll assign a special person to handle your complaint electronically, so they can solve it fast. While you can also call their helpline or talk to a customer service person in person, using the online portal is a great choice because it’s fast, efficient, and you get expert help.

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