HESCO, the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, is a government-owned electricity distribution company serving the Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas divisions in Sindh, Pakistan. They supply electricity to a wide range of customers, focusing on infrastructure maintenance and service reliability.

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To check the 14-digit reference number on your HESCO (Hyderabad Electric Supply Company) bill, you should look at the top section of your bill, which typically contains the most important information. The reference number is commonly labeled as “Reference Number” or “Consumer Reference Number” and is a 14-digit numerical code. It is essential for making payments and addressing billing inquiries. If you cannot find it on your bill, you may contact HESCO’s customer service for assistance or refer to their official website for guidance on locating the reference number.

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HESCO, the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, serves around 1,178,412 consumers in 12 districts of Sindh Province. To do this effectively, they’ve divided their operations into 4 circles, 15 divisions, and 69 sub-divisions, along with 6 construction divisions and 5 monitoring and testing divisions. Their goal is to provide uninterrupted electricity and excellent customer service.

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If you are looking to obtain a new electrical power connection from a company named “Hesco Power Company,” it’s important to follow the specific process and requirements established by that company. The steps and procedures for obtaining a new power connection can vary depending on the utility company’s policies and the region in which you are located. Here’s a general outline of the steps you might need to follow:

  1. Contact Hesco Power Company:
  • Visit the official website of Hesco Power Company, if available.
  • Look for a “New Connection” or “Customer Services” section on their website.
  • Obtain their contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses.
  1. Inquiry and Application:
  • Reach out to Hesco Power Company to express your interest in a new power connection.
  • Inquire about the specific process and requirements for obtaining a new connection.
  1. Documentation and Information:
  • Ask the utility company for a list of required documents and information needed for a new connection. This may include proof of identity, address, property ownership, and load requirements.
  1. Application Form:
  • Complete the necessary application form provided by Hesco Power Company. This form will typically ask for information about the location where you need the connection, load requirements, and other relevant details.
  1. Site Inspection:
  • Hesco Power Company may conduct a site inspection to assess the feasibility of providing a power connection to your location.
  1. Fee and Charges:
  • Inquire about any application fees, connection charges, or security deposits required by the utility company. Be prepared to make the necessary payments.
  1. Technical Specifications:
  • Understand the technical specifications and requirements for the installation of electrical equipment on your property. Ensure that your property complies with these requirements.
  1. Approval and Agreement:
  • Once your application is approved and all requirements are met, you will need to sign an agreement with Hesco Power Company outlining the terms and conditions of the new power connection.
  1. Installation and Connection:
  • After receiving approval and making the required payments, the utility company will install the necessary electrical infrastructure and provide you with a connection.
  1. Meter Installation:
    • Hesco Power Company will also install an electricity meter at your location to measure your usage.

Please note that the specific requirements and procedures for obtaining a new power connection may vary by region and utility provider. It’s essential to directly contact Hesco Power Company or the relevant utility provider in your area for precise information on the process, fees, and any specific requirements they have in place for new power connections. Additionally, they can provide you with any updated contact information and application forms.

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Practical Steps to Save Electricity at Home.

Saving electricity not only helps reduce your utility bills but also benefits the environment by lowering energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some practical tips to help you save electricity at home:

  1. Replace Incandescent Bulbs: Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient LED or CFL bulbs. They use significantly less electricity and last longer.
  2. Use Natural Light: Take advantage of natural daylight by opening curtains and blinds during the day. This reduces the need for artificial lighting.
  3. Turn Off Lights: Develop the habit of turning off lights when you leave a room. Consider installing motion sensors or smart switches that automatically turn off lights when a room is unoccupied.
  4. Unplug Devices: Unplug chargers, appliances, and electronics when not in use. Even in standby mode, they can draw power, known as “phantom” or “vampire” power.
  5. Use Power Strips: Plug multiple devices into a power strip and switch it off when the devices are not in use. This is especially useful for home entertainment systems and computer setups.
  6. Upgrade Appliances: Invest in energy-efficient appliances, such as ENERGY STAR-rated refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers, which use less electricity.
  7. Set Thermostat Wisely: Adjust your thermostat settings to conserve energy. Lower the heat in the winter and raise the air conditioning in the summer to a comfortable yet energy-saving level.
  8. Seal Gaps and Insulate: Seal gaps and insulate your home to prevent drafts. Proper insulation helps maintain a consistent temperature indoors, reducing the need for heating and cooling.
  9. Use Ceiling Fans: Use ceiling fans to circulate air. In warm weather, they can make the room feel cooler, allowing you to set the thermostat higher. In cold weather, reverse the fan’s direction to distribute warm air more effectively.
  10. Wash Clothes Efficiently: Wash clothes with cold water when possible, and use a full load to maximize efficiency. Dry your clothes on a clothesline or use the lowest heat setting on your dryer.
  11. Reduce Water Heater Temperature: Lower the temperature of your water heater to 120°F (49°C) to save energy while maintaining a comfortable hot water supply.
  12. Limit Appliance Use During Peak Hours: Avoid using energy-intensive appliances like ovens, clothes dryers, and dishwashers during peak electricity demand times, typically in the late afternoon or early evening.
  13. Install a Programmable Thermostat: Install a programmable thermostat that allows you to set heating and cooling schedules to match your daily routine.
  14. Opt for Natural Ventilation: Use natural ventilation through windows and cross-ventilation to cool your home during mild weather instead of air conditioning.
  15. Plant Trees and Shrubs: Plant trees and shrubs strategically around your home to provide shade and reduce the heat from direct sunlight.
  16. Regular Maintenance: Keep your appliances and HVAC systems well-maintained, as dirty filters and components can reduce their efficiency.
  17. Educate Your Family: Educate your family members about the importance of energy conservation, so they can contribute to reducing electricity usage.

By implementing these energy-saving practices, you can make a significant difference in your electricity consumption and lower your monthly utility bills. Saving electricity not only benefits your wallet but also plays a crucial role in reducing your carbon footprint and conserving valuable natural resources.

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Hesco Power Company provides a helpline for customer support, addressing inquiries and concerns regarding power supply, billing, and technical assistance. Whether you’re reporting outages, checking bills, or seeking new connection details, the helpline ensures timely and helpful solutions for a seamless customer experience. Refer to their website or utility bills for the most up-to-date helpline number.

Name of Customer Service CentreLocation / AddressContact Nos
01Regional Customer Service CentreCentral Customer Service CentreNear Maji Hospital Latifabad, Hyd3408167
02Garikhata DivisionCS Centre, Garikhata DivG.O.R Colony Division Office9200345 – 03041927713
03Saddar S/DivisionCS Centre, Saddar S/DivOperation S/Division Office Saddar9200343 – 03372192815
04Garikhata S/DivisionCS Centre, Garikhata S/DivAttached with S/Div Office9210276 – 03372192815
05Sarfaraz Colony S/DivisionCS Centre, Sarfaraz Colony S/DivAttached with S/Div Office9210176 – 03372192817
06Liaquat Colony S/DivisionCS Centre, Colony S/DivAttached with S/Div Office2630564 – 03372192818
07Tando Allah Yar DivisionCS Centre, Tando Allah Yar DivAttached with S/Div Office3891785 – 03372192834
08Tando Allayar-I S/DivisionCS Centre, Tando Allayar-I S/DivAttached with S/Div Office3891687 – 03372192835
09Tando Allahyar-II S/DivisionCS Centre, Tando Allahyar-II S/DivAttached with S/Div Office3891688 – 03372192836
10Tando Jam S/DivisionCS Centre, Tando Jam S/DivAttached with S/Div Office2765471 – 03372192838
11Chamber S/DivisionCS Centre, Chamber S/DivAttached with S/Div Office03372192837
12Latifabad DivisionCS Centre, Latifabad DivisionLatifabad Division Office9260160 – 03372192825
13Hali Road S/DivisionCS Centre, Hali Road S/DivAttached with S/Div Office3885190 – 03372192826
14Rizvi Hospital S/DivisionCS Centre, Rizvi Hospitel S/DivAttached with S/Div Office9260165 – 03372192827
15Allama Iqbal S/DivisionCS Centre, Allama Iqbal S/DivAttached with S/Div Office9260082 – 03372192827
16Shaheed Umaid Ali S/DivisionCS Centre, Shaheed Umaid Ali S/DivAttached with S/Div Office9260078 – 03372192830
17Meera Muhammad Shah S/DivisionCS Centre, Meera M. Shah S/DivAttached with S/Div Office3400227 – 03372192831
18Qasimabad DivisionCS Centre, Qasimabad DivisionQasimabad Division Office9200348 – 03372192820
19Qasimabad S/DivisionCS Centre, Qasimabad S/DivAttached with S/Div Office2656982 – 03372192822
20Citizen Colony S/DivisionCS Centre, Citizen Colony S/DivAttached with S/Div Office3667019 – 03372192823
21Hirabad S/DivisionCS Centre, Hirabad S/DivAttached with S/Div Office2032212 – 03372192821
22Kotri DivisionRCS Centre, Kotri  DivisionSite Area, Operation Division Kotri3870312 – 03372192848
23Kotri S/DivisionCS Centre, Kotri  S/DivisionOperation S/Division Office Kotri3870085 – 03372192849
24Jamshoro S/DivisionCS Centre, Jamshoro S/DivisOperation S/Division Jamshoro3877081 – 03372192851
25Shahbaz S/DivisionCS Centre, Shahbaz S/DivAttached with S/Div Office03372192850
26Nooriabad S/DivisionCS Centre, Nooriabad S/DivAttached with S/Div Office670001 – 03372192852
27Sehwan Sharif S/DivisionCS Centre, Sehwan Sharif S/DivAttached with S/Div Office4620219 – 03372192853
28Phulleli DivisionCS Centre Phulleli DivOld Power House Hyderabad2632273 – 03372192842
29Paretabad S/DivisionCS Centre Paretabad S/DivOld Power House Hyderabad2663050 – 03372192843
30Phulleli S/DivisionCS Centre, Phulleli S/DivOld Power House Hyderabad2617919 – 03372192844
31Ilyasabad S/DivisionCS Centre Ilyasabad S/DivAfandi Town, Hyderabad2662023 – 03372192845
32Memon Hosp: S/DivisionCS Centre Memon Hosp: S/DivTower Market, Hyderabad9210039 – 03372192846
33T.M Khan DivisionCS HESCO T.M.Khan DivisionHyderabad T.M.Khan341711 – 03372192856
34T.M Khan-I S/DivisionCS Centre, T.M. Khan-I  S/DivAttached with S/Div Office341352 – 03372192857
35T.M. Khan-II S/DivisionCS Centre, T.M. Khan-II S/DivAttached with S/Div Office341773 – 03372192859
36Matli S/DivisionCS Centre, Matli S/Div66 KV G/Station, Badin Road, Talhar840226 – 03372192860
37Bulrishah Karim S/DivisionCS Centre, Bulrishah S/DivOperation S/Division Office Bulrishah Karim03372192858
 38Thatta DivisionCS Centre, Thatta DivisionOperation Division Thatta920129 – 03372192867
 39Thatta S/DivisionCS Centre, Thatta S/DivOperation S/Division Office  Thatta8550033 – 03372192868
40Sujawal S/DivisionCS Centre, Sujawal S/DivOperation S/Division Office  Sujawal8510054 – 03372192869
41Makli S/DivisionCS Centre, Makli S/DivOperation S/Division Office Makli8920132 – 03372192870
42Badin DivisionCS Centre, Badin DivisionOperation Division Office Badin861552 – 03372192862
43Badin S/DivisionCS. Centre, Badin S/DivOperation S/Division  Office Badin61972 – 03372192863
44Talhar S/DivisionCS. Centre, Talhar S/DivOperation S/Division  Office Talhar730261 – 03372192864
45Golarchi S/DivisionCS Centre, Golarchi S/DivOperation S/Division  Office Golarchi53422 – 03372192865
 46Nawabshah DivisionRCS Centre, N/Shah DivisionOperation Division Office N/Shah9370012 – 03372192895
 47Nawabshah-I S/DivisionCS Centre, N/Shah-I S/DivOperation S/Division Office N/Shah-I9370030 – 03372192896
48Nawabshah-II S/DivisionCS Centre, N/Shah-II S/DivOperation S/Division Office N/Shah-II9370023 – 03372192897
49Society S/DivisionCS Centre, Society S/DivOperation S/Division Office Society, N/Shah9370014 – 03372192898
50Daur S/DivisionCS Centre, Daur S/DivOperation S/Division Office Daur25267 – 03372192899
51Sakrand S/DivisionCS Centre, Sakrand S/DivOperation S/Division Office Sakrand22241 – 03372192900
52Saeedabad S/DivisionCS Centre, Saeedabad S/DivOperation S/Division Office Saeedabad767275 – 03372192901
53Qazi Ahmed S/DivisionCS Centre, Qazi Ahmed S/DivOperation S/Division Office Qazi Ahmed321291 – 03372192902
53Daulatpur S/DivisionCS Centre, Daulatpur S/DivOperation S/Division Office Daulatpur321291 – 03372192903
54Tando Adam DivisionCS Centre, T.Adam DivisionOperation Division Office T.Adam574324 – 03372192905
55Tando Adam-I S/DivisionCS Centre, T.Adam-I S/DivOperation S/Division Office  T.Adam-I574340 – 03372192906
56Tando Adam-II S/DivisionCS Centre, T.Adam-II S/DivOperation S/Division Office T.Adam-II574863 – 03372192907
57Oderolal S/DivisionCS Centre, Oderolal S/DivOperation S/Division Office Oderolal574332 – 03372192908
58Matiari S/DivisionCS Centre, Matiari S/DivOperation S/Division Office Matiari760258 – 03372192909
59Hala S/DivisionCS Centre, Hala S/DivOperation S/Division Office Hala32417 – 03372192910
60Bhitshah S/DivisionCS Centre, Bhitshah S/DivOperation S/Division Office Bhitshah762228 – 03372192911
 61Sanghar DivisionCS Centre, Sanghar DivisionOperation Division Office Sanghar41383 – 03372192913
 62Sanghar S/DivisionCS Centre, Sanghar S/DivOperation S/Division Office Sanghar413533 – 03372192914
 63Jhole S/DivisionCS Centre, Jhole DivisionOperation S/Division Office Jhole41384 – 03372192915
 64Shahdadpur-I S/DivisionCS Centre, Shahdadpur-I S/DivOperation S/Division Office Shahdadpur-I42167 – 03372192916
 65Shahdadpur-II S/DivisionCS Centre, Shahdadpur-II S/DivOperation S/Division Office Shahdadpur-II42131 – 03372192917
 66Khipro S/DivisionCS Centre, Khipro S/DivOperation S/Division Office Khipro79295 – 03372192918
 67Shahpur Chakar S/DivisionCS Centre, Shahpur Chakar S/DiviOperation S/Division Office Shahpur Chakar62241 – 03372192919
 68Sindhri S/DivisionCS Centre, Sindhri S/DivOperation S/Division Office Sindhri03372192920
 69Mirpurkhas DivisionRCS Centre, Mirpurkhas DivisionOperation Division Office Mirpurkhas9290103 – 03372192873
 70Mirpurkhas City S/DivisionCS Centre, Mirpurkhas City S/DivOperation S/Division Office Mirpurkhas City507527 – 03372192874
 71Sattelite Town S/DivisionCS Centre, Sattelite Town S/DivOperation S/Division Office Sattelite Town, Mirpur9290109 – 03372192875
 72Hirabad MirpurKhas S/DivisionCS Centre, Hirabad MirpurKhas S/DivOperation S/Division Office Hirabad MirpurKhas9290110 – 03372192876
 73Mirwah Gorchani S/DivisionCS Centre, Mirwah Gorchani S/DivOperation S/Division Office Mirwah Gorchani03372192877
 74Digri DivisionCS Centre, Digri DivisionOperation Division Office Digri869771 – 03372192879
 75Digri S/DivisionCS Centre, Digri S/DivOperation S/Division Office Digri3869826 – 03372192880
 76Jhudo S/DivisionCS Centre, Jhudo S/DivOperation S/Division Office Jhudo878457 – 03372192882
 77Naukot S/DivisionCS Centre, Naukot S/DivOperation S/Division Office Naukot867266 – 03372192881
 78Mithi S/DivisionCS Centre, Naukot S/DivOperation S/Division Office Naukot261314 – 03372192883
 79Umer Kot DivisionCS Centre, Umer Kot DivisionOperation Division Office Umer Kot03372192885
 80Umer Kot S/DivisionCS Centre, Umer Kot S/DivOperation S/Division Office Umer Kot571255 – 03372192886
 81Pithoro S/DivisionCS Centre, Pithoro S/DivOperation S/Division Office Pithoro03372192889
 82Samaro S/DivisionCS Centre, Samaro S/DivOperation S/Division Office Samaro551015 – 03372192888
 83Kunri S/DivisionCS Centre, Kunri S/DivOperation S/Division Office Kunri558440 – 03372192887
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