PESCO, a government-owned utility, serves Peshawar and surrounding areas in Pakistan. It distributes electricity to diverse customer segments and is a subsidiary of WAPDA. The company is regulated to ensure reliable electricity services. To check PESCO duplicate bill online follow these instructions.

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How to Locate Your 14-Digit Reference Number on Your PESCO Bill

Pesco, or Peshawar Electric Power Company, typically provides a 14-digit reference number on their bills or statements. This reference number is often used to identify your account or bill when making payments or contacting customer service. To check your 14-digit reference number on your Pepco bill, follow these steps:

  1. Locate Your Pesco Bill: Find your most recent Pesco bill. This bill should have all the necessary information, including the 14-digit reference number.
  2. Look for the Account Information Section: In most Pesco bills, you will find a section that contains your account details. This is where you’ll find the reference number.
  3. Identify the Reference Number: Within the account information section, look for a 14-digit number. This number is usually labeled as the “Account Number” or “Reference Number.” It may also be referred to as the “Customer Number.”
  4. Verify the Digits: Check that the number you’ve found is indeed 14 digits long. The reference number is typically a combination of numbers and may include hyphens or spaces for better readability.
  5. Make Note of the Number: Write down or make a note of the 14-digit reference number. You will need this number when making payments, setting up online accounts, or contacting Pesco’s customer service.
How to Locate Your 14-Digit Reference Number
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Convenient Ways to Pay Your PESCO duplicate bill online

To pay your Pesco bill, use these convenient methods:

Online Payment:

  • Log in to your Pesco account on their official website.
  • Choose a payment method (credit/debit card, bank transfer).
  • Enter billing details and the amount.
  • Review, confirm, and submit the payment.
  1. Auto-Pay:
  • Set up automatic recurring payments through your account.
  1. Mobile App:
  • Download and use the official Pepco mobile app for payments.
  1. Phone Payment:
  • Call Pepco’s customer service to make a payment.
  1. In-Person Payment:
  • Visit a local Pepco payment center or authorized location.
  1. Mail Payment:
  • Send a check with your account information to the address on your bill.
  1. Third-Party Payment Services:
  • Use third-party services that support Pepco payments.
  1. Bank Bill Pay:
  • Set up Pesco as a payee through your bank’s bill pay service.

Choose the method that suits you best and ensure timely payments to avoid late fees and service disruptions.

Convenient Ways to Pay Your PEPCO Bill
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Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to apply for a new connection from the Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO):

Inquiry and Contact:

  • Begin by contacting PESCO’s customer service or visiting a local PESCO office to inquire about the availability of a new electricity connection in your area. Discuss your requirements and get information about the process.

Determine the Type of Connection:

  • Identify the type of connection you need. PESCO provides different types of connections for various purposes, such as residential, commercial, and industrial. Ensure you select the appropriate category based on your needs.

Application Form:

  • Request an application form from PESCO. You can obtain this form at their customer service office, local offices, or often download it from their official website.

Complete the Application Form:

  • Fill out the application form accurately and completely. The form will typically require information such as your name, contact details, type of connection required, and the load requirement (usually specified in KVA or KW).

Gather Required Documents:

  • Collect the necessary documents to support your application. These typically include:
    • A copy of your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
    • Proof of ownership or a lease/rental agreement for the premises where the connection is needed.
    • A site plan or layout map showing the location where the connection will be installed.
    • Any other documents or clearances that PESCO may require based on your specific situation.

Submit the Application:

  • Submit the completed application form along with all required documents to the local PESCO office or any other designated location for application submission. Additionally, you may need to pay any application or processing fees if they apply.

Site Visit and Assessment:

  • After receiving your application, PESCO may conduct a site visit to evaluate the feasibility of providing the requested connection. They will assess factors such as the location and the capacity of the local distribution network.

Payment and Connection Charges:

  • If your application is approved, PESCO will provide you with an estimate of costs, including connection charges and any other applicable fees. You will need to make these payments to proceed.

Installation and Connection:

  • Once the necessary fees are paid, PESCO will proceed with the installation of the new connection. This may involve setting up transformers, meters, and other essential equipment.

Final Inspection:

  • PESCO will perform a final inspection to ensure that the new connection complies with safety and quality standards.

Activation of Service:

  • After the new connection passes the inspection, your electricity service will be activated, and you can begin using it.

Please note that the specific requirements and processes for obtaining a new PESCO connection can vary based on your location and the type of connection you’re requesting. It’s essential to contact PESCO directly or visit their website for the most up-to-date and region-specific information on new connections.



Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) was 118. This number is typically used to contact PESCO’s customer service center for assistance with a variety of electricity-related matters, including:

  1. Billing Inquiries: You can call 118 to inquire about your electricity bills, billing cycles, and payment methods. They can provide information about your account balance and due dates.
  2. Complaints and Fault Reporting: If you’re experiencing a power outage, electrical faults, or other issues with your electricity supply, you can report these problems by calling 118. PESCO will log your complaint and take the necessary actions to address the issue.
  3. New Connections: You can use the helpline to inquire about the process for obtaining a new electricity connection, including the documentation required and the steps involved.
  4. Meter Readings: If you have concerns about your meter readings or want to verify your electricity consumption, you can contact PESCO through this helpline.
  5. General Inquiries: For general questions or information related to PESCO’s services, policies, and procedures, you can reach out to their customer service team.
  6. Service Requests: If you need to request services such as changing your registered contact information or altering the load on your connection, you can initiate the process through this helpline.
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